Club Penguin University Sneak Peek – Where’s The Recycling Center?

A sneak peek of the new university room at the new Mine room has been posted on Club Penguin’s Blog! There’s many new changes. Take a look yourself:


First of all, the room has been given a completely modernised look. The Mine Shack is more 3D-ish in a way and has been spiced up to go along with the other room redesigns done within the past year. There’s also now a path to the Dojo, a picnic table, volleyball net, and of course the university room. Where’s the Recycling Center room though? Either it’s on the far left out of the picture or simply gone…which do you think it is, is the Recycling Center going to be removed or just moved over and it’s not in the image? Either way, I think this room looks pretty cool. Maybe slightly overcrowded but nevertheless I look forward to seeing it next week.

The following page has been updated:

105 thoughts on “Club Penguin University Sneak Peek – Where’s The Recycling Center?

  1. The community garden is gone too, strange. Saraapril will probably freak out that CP doesn’t care about the environment anymore :P

  2. Recycling plant gone? Meh it was an unpopular room anyway :p, altought this could start a possibly bad image of no earth caring? :o i hope no

  3. Cool, but the recycling center have to be there, if they remove it, it won´t be good, so also, the recycling stamp for the Earth Day party will be unavailable to win, a new way to the dojo may be cool, not only with the map yet, I was thinking that it would be cool.

  4. I’m sorry, but I don’t like this at all.. A “university” near a mine shack just seems so out of place.

      • Then we might as well have a rocket launcher in the town, an entrance to the center of the earth in the plaza and a prison on the iceberg.

        • 1) Nothing wrong with a launch pad on top of a building (It’s barely even visible).

          2) What’s wrong with that?

          Instead of adding more rooms to the Mine Shack, they should have created a completely new area for the University.

  5. Guys, if you don’t see the recycling center in the picture, it might be in another part of the room or it could be inside the university.

  6. …ouch…that actually broke my heart to see the garden go. I enjoyed making plants grow. I guess CP thinks no one likes to water crops anymore, so they remove that along with the PBL books in the book room.

    Look out people…we are headed into the age of Wall-e where everyone is on a space ship not even knowing what Earth is! O o

  7. Garden gone and more pavement…

    Why not give us a water park filled with ice slides where we could PLAY instead of a school where we have to work? I work hard at school and work hard at home and work hard at my Gramma’s house.
    Even most of that snow doesn’t look like snow – if you colored that space black it’s just more pavement.

    On the recent poll, more than half the kids liked the forest best because there were NO BUILDINGS and it’s wild like the country.
    Herbert is winning –
    he hates our freedom, dancing, parties, snow and music.

    I don’t know.
    Maybe I’ll let my membership run out.
    Maybe three years is long enough.

    Sorry I’m whining like Saraapril.

  8. Question: The Herbert Statue was there because if we remove it the island would sink because of a giant geyser. If the statue isn’t there… O.O

  9. I like it, but it can’t never be like a normal Mine Shack nowadays…

    *October 2005 – April 2010 = Normal Mine Shack
    *April 2010 – July 2013 = Community Garden
    *July 2013 – Present = University Center

    Why is it called the Mine Shack then?

  10. Trainman, if you look at the very left you can see a bit of a door which is probably the recycling center.

  11. Hey Train … sup ?? cool room huh ? hey can u tell me the date when its gonna b released ? plz reply man !

  12. Will the university have multiple rooms..BTW there are so many new places at CP now,I think they’re gonna have to make a new area in the island.

  13. Train if you look it has none of that Gardening stuff. I think they removed the Recycling Center. It was pretty pointless in the first place. I would prefer a University. What are your thoughts on this Train?

  14. Whats that green-sign building on the left of the Class?? Maybe it’s the recycling center! Plus people though the recycling center was waste, so it could also be deposed….Train?

  15. I think that stone arch next to the university leads to the recycling plant… gonna miss the pizza plants ._.

  16. It’s not called Mine Shack anymore if there is a SCHOOL, a PICNIC TABLE, and a VOLLEYBALL NET? IT IS SO OUT OF PLACE! I wish that the University will have multiple rooms and have a community garden inside, and they are obviously gonna update the Cart Surfer game because of all the new rooms/games, eventually, they are gonna have a new area in the island or make a new island, and eventually they are gonna update all of the rooms. I like new CP and old CP, but I wish new CP care about the kids, not teens and about nature. They should really move the Mine Shack to another place. Sorry if I was Saraapril for a minute and sorry if this comment is VERY LONG :P

  17. Pretty cool. I just hope they redesign all the other Mine rooms, too. Btw, you see the road that leads to the Forest? It looks like the entrance to a park. I think since the Forest from the Marvel Superhero Takeover was popular, they’re making it permanent. I was really hoping for fireworks in yesterday’s update…

  18. Here’s what I think, the road is longer and one the other side of the gate will be the Recycling Center. The rest of the road will be covered in snow so the Forest doesn’t have a road running through it.

  19. Wait, if the Herbert Statue is gone, wouldn’t a huge explosion happen? People with Herbert’s Revenge – Remember we needed that statue to keep the island from sinking? The island will SINK!!! Anyways, they wouldn’t take away the Recycling Plant, let me see tweets on polo field, he should say if it were to be deleted. ^-^

    • At least it gets the pookies and preps out of the Pet Shop and Stadium. The school is where they SHOULD be, not taking over the Pet Shop and getting past the chat filter at the Stadium…

  20. What about the the arch opening next to the school it the the Recycling Center?

    I like the way it looks what do you think train the arch leads to

  21. I actually want the recycle-plant gone, that room was boring…
    Plus, I love the new look for the Mine, and FINALLY there’s a path to the dojo :D
    And Train, do you think the forest, and the rest of the island will get a new look?

  22. Did you guys notice how when CP is now renovating rooms, they’re metling the snow? I highly hate this as the island is Club Penguin island, a snowy paradise.

      • Yes Train, Herbert will dominate the entire CP, then your plan is complete and the island will be called Club Herbert (with cement everywhere!) but I like the new style virtual island

  23. Wait, if the road will lead to the forest (Most likely!) does that mean that there will be no forest and will be replaced by a road like this world today? Save the Earth!

  24. Trainman, I really want old Club Penguin parties to come back like Winter Fiesta, Water Party, Summer Party and Adventure Party.

  25. They also took out the garden right next to the Mine Shack… Club Penguin seems to not be going green anymore.

  26. I think it was removed. It wasn’t a very popular room. No garden or tree either, or watering system, because nobody really ever messed with it.

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