Club Penguin Breaks Penguin Style Release Date Tradition, Makes It Up With Sneak Peek

For as long as I can remember, minus a few exceptions where it was only a few days late, Club Penguin has released the new Penguin Style on the first Thursday (or Friday) of each month. Unfortunately, because Club Penguin keeps pushing their parties later and later into the month and making them longer and longer the Penguin Style is going to be released the second Thursday of July rather than the first. This is because of the Monsters University Party. Parties are now always two or three weeks long versus instead of the three to seven days long that they used to be. Club Penguin didn’t want a new Penguin Style overlapping the Monsters University Party so instead of releasing the new style this Thursday on the 4th, they will be released on the 10th. Then, so they don’t release the furniture catalogue that same day too, the team will be releasing the July 2013 Furniture catalogue on July 17th instead.

To try and make it up to us, however, Polo Field gave this sneak peek on the blog. These items should look familiar, as I had posted about them the other day.


In short, the July 2013 Penguin Style will be released July 10th and the July 2013 Furniture Catalogue will be released July 17th. Bummer! Hopefully this doesn’t happen too often.

The following page has been updated:

39 thoughts on “Club Penguin Breaks Penguin Style Release Date Tradition, Makes It Up With Sneak Peek

  1. Yessss i have time to buy an iPad and get the app to get the exclusive items right now then the next ones that will come out got everything planned :D btw Trainman what version was the app available on iPad 2? I don’t really know anything about iPads so please reply thanx. bye

    • It doesn’t matter which iPad you get as long as it’s not the first generation iPad which isn’t sold in stores anymore. :)

  2. club penguin is pushing us to much, and soon the’re going to push us out of their liking. Also disney is gross because look under her dress.

  3. Wow! This looks like a really good Penguin Style! It sucks though that they are moving it ahead a week.

    P.S While I’m usually made when club penguin does changes like this, but my birthday is the 11th, so I’m gonna be happy! :-)

  4. Hey Train!
    Disney has a commercial for their new “music store” and has the CP album in it! Please give me credit!

  5. Train, why do you let people post senseless comments like “First!”? Most of the time, they aren’t even first. It gets REALLY annoying.

    • I approve any comment as long as it’s not inappropriate or “fdlkgjlkfgjklfgjkljfkljfgkjdfg”. Lots usually think they’re first simply because no comments show, when in reality I just haven’t approved them yet.

  6. They’ll never change the NM area will they ; ; . It’s really boring to have to wait for parties to get a decent outfit -.- .

    • Nah, it’s a bathing suit top. Nothing wrong about that…Club Penguin even has several old bikini/swimsuit items.

    • Yeah, I thought it was a bra at first, but then I remembered sometimes I wear a shirt over my bathing suit sometimes..

  7. TRAINMAN1405!
    and @Echo006_CP prepare Trainman1405 prepare..

  8. Also, this isn’t the first time. It already happened back in May 2013 because of the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013. Instead of May 2 it was released in May 9

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