Club Penguin Blog – Star Wars Celebration Europe: Episode I

On Saturday Daffodaily5 made the following post on the Club Penguin Blog, however due to reasons unknown it was pulled shortly after. Here is a copy of the original post:


The team are having a great time at STAR WARS Celebration in Germany! The atmosphere here is amazing and we’ve met so many great people at the Club Penguin stand. So far we’ve had loads of kids and families come to experience the STAR WARS Takeover, and some have been lucky enough to walk away with some epic goodies!

(the image included here was broken)

If you’re attending the Celebration this weekend, please make sure you stop by and say hello to the team! We hope you’re enjoying the STAR WARS Takeover as much as everyone is here in Essen! We’ll keep you all updated with news from the event throughout the weekend.

May the Force be with you!


-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin also shared multiple images of this event on Twitter. Here is a collection of them:

The following page has been updated:

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog – Star Wars Celebration Europe: Episode I

      • The Exclusive Item code from the Postcard from the Club Penguin Booth at the Star Wars event is “Baronfel”.
        I can confirm this is the “exclusive code” because they said earlier to me that this is a code to “promote” the party.
        Also they confirmed that this is the code of that postcards.

        • ( baronfel ) is the code to unlock that “tie-Figther” unlock suit. ( the original Test code was “starwars” but they changed it to “Baronfel” because of the german event there.

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