Minor Club Penguin Updates: Puffles, Pay Day, and New Magazine Issue 11 and Books in Portuguese

Sorry this is so late, I didn’t have time to post! Here are the minor Club Penguin updates from last Thursday and Saturday.

First thing is first. The Puffle adoption area has been ever so slightly updated. For the most part it is the same, just a few subtle changes. Can you notice anything different? Hint: rainbow.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 1.03.26 AM

Second of all, the price of Puffles has dropped! (unless the Pet Shop is having an overstock sale so they’re 50% off lol) All Puffles minus the Rainbow Puffle now cost 400 coins rather than 800 coins.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 1.05.45 AM

There are two new Portuguese books unlockable. They are “A Grande Expedição dos Puffles” and “A missão Secreta do Agente Rookie”. (A Great Expedition for Puffles and Agent Rookie’s Secret Mission)

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 1.57.08 PM

Another portuguese related update is the 11th Magazine Issue has been available as of last Wednesday! Here is the cover. It unlocks the Sumo Costume items and comes with a code to unlock one item from the treasure book.


Here’s the information about this issue: (a rough translation)

In this edition of Club Penguin’s Magazine, learn about Sensei, Captain Rockhopper, and help Rookie starr in a movie in the role of a skilled secret agent. Plus, get two of the Card-Jitsu posters and read the comic The Path of the Dragon, where Sensei taught a ninja an important lesson!

Or, if you speak Portuguese, here it is:

Nesta edição de Club Penguin, conheça a escola de dublês do Sensei, dirija uma aventura pirata com o Capitão Rockhopper e ajude o Rookie a estrelar um filme no papel de um hábil agente secreto. E mais: ganhe dois pôsteres do Desafio Ninja e leia a HQ O Caminho do Dragão, onde os ninjas do Sensei aprendem uma importante lição!

Finally, as of Saturday it was Pay Day. You get 250 coins as a tour guide and 350 coins as a secret agent.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 12.55.11 PM

The following pages have been updated:

33 thoughts on “Minor Club Penguin Updates: Puffles, Pay Day, and New Magazine Issue 11 and Books in Portuguese

  1. Train! I emailed CP about possibly getting the CP Mag. in the U.S. and they havent answered for two days now. Its probubly nothing but I am thinking maybe they arent answering because I am on to them? XD I dont know I fill you in when they answere

  2. They shouldn’t have changed the price. Taking over the responsibility of caring for a pet cost more than 400 coins….

  3. Cuteness of puffle are sure better than the NEW worse penguin design but its for THOSE FREAKIN members. I hate members so much and to take that as a revenge , I hack some members penguin who are idiot enough for me to hack. MEMBERS CAN GET ALL THOSE AWESOME STUFF BUT what about us? Non members? we always get annoyed , teased , tortured by those derision by members. grrr. I hope someday CP will closed and rebuilt without those Freakin idiotic MEMBERS

      • how can you report me ?? you don’t even know my username . I don’t accept your offer to ask me for buying membership? why I should buy those “rubbish”

  4. well everyone is ignoring me because all of us are actually a members.. such a nightmares
    and not agree with me. well well we will see a few years from now and just wait what will happen to the CP in future. nothing can last forever except the good ones and Disney will go to…

    • Why do you post irrelevant comments on every page?
      If you are as sensible as you claim, then surely you would post relevant stuff and not this unreasonable rant. After this, you wonder why all of us don’t agree with you.
      PS: I have been a non member for more than two years and club penguin is being more generous to non members now, but there really isn’t any point telling you this as you are bent on being unreasonable.

  5. Oh yeah,you make a typo,in the puffles adoption you were talking about that the red puffle is %50 Off but then you said”Rainbow Puffle now cost 400 coins rather than 800 coins.”instead of the red puffle.

  6. dear I hate members. not all members are mean if you want to buy membership go to the store on buy it online and also not any members are mean sometime they are but it means there not happy and need to get there anger out ok anyway I help nonmembers if you need me I am danielle9746 I am on usally on Thursdays ok on Alaska
    anyway bye and thank you for understading :danielle9746:) waddle on everyone bye!

  7. I’m sure you noticed they put some carpet in the Puffle Pen for all the Member’s only puffles, similar to the rug in the Puffle Hotel Lobby.

  8. Used this post and gave credit to you and your website! I only used it because I was on holiday last week and the new updates are coming tomorrow and I didn’t have time to make my own :) Hope you don’t mind!

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