Club Penguin Monsters University Team Sneak Peek: Jaws Theta Chi

Spike Hike has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog! He revealed that he is joining the Jaws Theta Chi team for the Scare Games, or JOX for short.

The party’s getting close! Hope you’ve all got your scare strategies ready! He gave the following sneak peek of the team’s house:


Once again they secretly hid “Features shown require a paid membership” in the picture….

The Monsters University Takeover starts June 27th!

The following page has been updated:

24 thoughts on “Club Penguin Monsters University Team Sneak Peek: Jaws Theta Chi

  1. You wrote hid and is hide train,cool,all the cool mods are joining for others teams,I was joining for ror,but I want to join the teams the mods are joining for stay in the same team of they.

  2. with ”Features shown require a paid membership”, they maybe hide it or else everyone rages so they hid it, so no one thinks this party is free, so actually the might hided it to get more money :o

    • All sorts of things that nonmembers can do, used to be for members only.
      The next year they open that for everyone and add a new thing for members.
      Look at the ninja stuff – fire snow and water are for everybody now.

  3. EEK (Slugma Slugma Kappa) and HISS (ETA HISS HISS) are missing from teams. Theres a total of 6 teams, and CP only chose 4. .0.

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