Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

Club Penguin is updating tonight. This is their eighteenth update week of 2013. This week contains some moderate updates. The expected updates are:

  • New Pin
  • Club Penguin Times Issue 393
  • Club Penguin Magazine Issue 17 in the UK
  • Probably a new EPF message

Before Club Penguin updates, I recommend you do the following if you have not already:

Posts related to tonight’s updates include:

  • Nothing

21 thoughts on “Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

  1. Train, I’ll be getting the magazine so I can give you info and images from it. I’ll post the info and images underneath in a reply. Do you want it?

      • Here you are:

        This is the content from each page:
        Page 1 – Front Cover
        Page 2 – Wreck-It Ralph Advert
        Page 3 – Welcome!
        Page 4 – Club Penguin Times/Contents
        Page 5 – Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test Thank You. It is revealed that CJ Fire, Water and Snow will be non-members! C.P.T.V. and Fashion 4 U
        Page 6 – ‘A Knights Tale’ Comic Part 1
        Page 7 – ‘A Knights Tale’ Comic Part 1 Continued
        Page 8 – ‘A Knights Tale’ Comic Part 1 Continued
        Page 9 – Cadence’s Catwalk
        Page 10 – A Ninja History
        Page 11 – 10 Tips to Master the Elements!
        Pages 12 + 13 – Ninja Puzzle Battle
        Page 14 – Prize Booth
        Page 15 – Rookiepedia
        Page 16 – Cool Cribs
        Pages 17, 18, 19 + 20 – Posters
        Page 21 – ‘A Knights Tale’ Comic Part 2
        Page 22 – ‘A Knights Tale’ Comic Part 2 Continued
        Page 23 – ‘A Knights Tale’ Comic Part 2 Continued
        Pages 24 + 25 – Sensei’s Tea Training!
        Page 26 – PH’s Planet
        Page 27 – Finding Nemo Advert
        Pages 28 + 29 – Sensei’s Ninja Code
        Page 30 – ‘The One That Got Away’ Comic
        Page 31 – Subscribe Today!
        Pages 32 + 33 – Ask Aunt Arctic
        Page 34 – VIP
        Page 35 – Answers and Next Issue…
        Page 36 – Back Cover/Iron Man 3 Advert

        The 3 500 coin codes are:
        [removed since I don’t post codes, but thanks anyway!]

        And here are your images:
        [removed – thanks!]

        I hope you like the info and images! Be sure to credit me in the post!

        • Wow, thanks! I used some of yours and some of Bloxxerman’s info, since you both worked hard to send me stuff about it. I won’t be publishing all the pictures (and removed them from the comment) because I don’t want to get in trouble for copyright infringement. (posting copyrighted works) I also don’t post magazine codes so I removed that from your comment. Thanks again! :)

  2. Now you posted this wery early i was confused i think is already tursday but no,its wednesday is why you posted this in the morning lol well… Today is not school!!

  3. Hey train I’ve got a random question: What was your first tweet?
    I’m just really eager to know :P I’m weird :$

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