Club Penguin Magazine Issue 16

Club Penguin’s magazine issue 16 now out! Thanks to my friends Bloxxerman and Pengumile, here is what’s inside:
Here is the cover:

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11.54.22 AM

Here is the table of contents:

  • Rockhopper’s Tall Tales
  • C.P.T.V.
  • Fashion 4 U: Everyday Heroes
  • Penguin Comic: Robochef!
  • Gary’s Gear: Super Penguin
  • How to be a Hero
  • Penguin Challenge: Penguins on Patrol!
  • Prize Booth
  • Rookiepedia: F
  • Cool Cribs
  • Posters
  • Penguin Challenge: Hero Academy
  • PH Planet
  • Penguin Challenge: Everyday Hero!
  • Penguin Comic: The Bigger Fish!
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • VIP: Liamk8
  • Next Issue: Ninjas Special! 2 Free Items: Kendo Outfit, Treasure Book Item! Free EPF Gadget Phone (plastic toy). Inside… Ninja Quests! Sensei Training! Card-Jitsu Tips! Much more… Issue 17 on sale May 2nd

Here’s a sneak peek of next month:


Also, there will be special Marvel Superhero Takeover membership cards in 1 month and 6 month forms! They’re also giving out 10. The 6 month membership card comes with an igloo, igloo item, a costume, a Puffle, and 10,000 coins. Pretty sweet! They can be found at Sainsbury’s.


Bloxxerman did give me a 7 day membership code, which I’ll be giving out later this month!

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  1. TRAINMAN don’t u agree its annoying how there asking for email when u have said live 5 times u don’t know it :P UR friend rajclaw :3

  2. I am confused I got Issue 15-piffle Power Issue which was released on the third of april and at the back it say the Next Issue a super suit and the toy is a snow hoops game and what issue is this because the next one is issue 16 and now your saying issue sixteen comes with a Ninja thing


  3. Typo – you said:
    Also, there will be special Marvel Sueperhero Takeover membership cards in 1 m…
    You mean:
    Also, there will be special Marvel Superhero Takeover membership cards in 1 m…

  4. Well Trainman
    Can u have a Party on Club Penguin where all of your fans can meet u
    i guess u should keep it on the
    Server- Sleet
    Place- Your Igloo

  5. Trainman I can’t find any of the magazines any I think it is the state I live in or do they not have any in the U.S.

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