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THE FOLLOWING POST CONTAINS HIGHLY CLASSIFIED INFORMATION – FOR AGENTS ONLY. NON-AGENTS MAY CONTINUE READING AT THE WORD ‘GOLDFISH’The reviewed by you post is for EPF agents only, hence Polo Field’s warning in the first two sentences. As you might remember, last week we were asked why Herbert stole the hot sauce from the Pizza Parlour, which led to Operation: Hot Sauce at the beginning of last month. Echo006 has the following idea in mind:

I think that Herbert stole the hot sauce, so he could heat up the island from underground, therefore melting all the snow on our island! I think that Herbert has many plans: he will smash all of our igloos, he will shovel all the snow away and he will tip the iceberg¬†¬†This will cause chaos, so that’s why we need the EPF!

Congratulations to Echo (I know you’ll see this since you visit my site :P) and I agree with you 100%!

(This is where Polo Field said “GOLDFISH”)


The reviewed by you topic for this week has to do with robots. The question asked this time around is as follows:

Now we want to know, if you could make a robot, what would it look like? And what kinds of things could it do?

The following page has been updated:

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  1. Wow ;) I didn’t actually think that I would get featured, but yeah, I think Polo knows me now lol! You were the first source of information that I found out that I was featured!

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