Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You – Spy Drills

Polo Field has posted a new reviewed by you today! Last time we were asked what our favourite part about being a ninja is. Kkcandy3317 said the following:

One of my fav part about card Jitsu is helping other penguins how to play if they just started the game. When my friend greengirl32 started, she told me she was having a hard time with the fire element so I helped her by playing card Jitsu fire with her. And then she was doing super duper well!! After I felt really well!!! Now I think helping other penguins are what true ninjas do!!

Nice answer! This week’s question is “what do you think the ultimate spy gadget would be?”. As a joke and for fun, I want to point out that they never said only agents should read beyond this point when mentioning Spy Drills. Now the EPF isn’t a secret! Uh oh! :P


The following page has been updated:

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You – Spy Drills

  1. I miss the old time of CP where PSA are secret and no one knows until Ninjas ruin CP .
    One thing I hate most about CP is the Penguin’s new Design in 2013 :(

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