Spike Hike Teases What Is Most Likely The ‘My Penguin’ App

Spike Hike is teasing what is probably the My Penguin App! It’s definitely something new, he tweeted it from his iPad…


It sure looks like this iPad app, no? We also can’t forget this tweet from two weeks ago:

And what’s that “52” number doing? It reminds me of the pending friend requests number…hmm…

66 thoughts on “Spike Hike Teases What Is Most Likely The ‘My Penguin’ App

  1. Hmm interesting I can’t wait for moble Cp.
    If you look on my blog the post “Club Penguin Field Friday Review! April 13th 2013” Witch I posted today, when I posted a picture of Spike Hike he had a differant outfit but now he has the same one http://prntscr.com/10ihxi This is very interesting. Can I put it on my blog?

  2. Is very cool but,what with the sushi?look like in an ipad,is a big image :( hope it will be able for less,in iphones,my mom have a S4,she can let me play sometimes,i have an ipod but 2G

  3. Train, isn’t Gigglebunnie a CP mod? He/she was on Sleet and definitely wasn’t acting like a mod. Kept saying.. ‘”IM A BETA! IM A BETA!” He/she was using good grammar as you would think an adult would…kept putting on the beta hat too and saying ‘LOOK AT IT… LOOK AT IT!”. Seemd suspicious. What do you think? Just wondering. O_O

  4. I can’t say for sure if it’s the real Spike Hike who commented above but it does seem very likely!

    EDIT: IT IS!!!

  5. trainman1405 the 52 number i think its the number of
    sushi so we can feed our penguin, cool!

  6. Trainman, Do you know if CP is going to release the magazine In USA? Kinda surprising thinking about that most people that play club penguin are in the US but we didn’t get a magazine yet! PS do you know if a new CP game for the DS is coming out hmmm maybe 3D!

  7. Dear Trainman,
    To Activate it, you need to do these steps.
    1. Go to your igloo
    2. Go on your buddy list and click whoever you want. (Even MASCOTS!!)
    3. Then exit out their player card.
    4. Edit your igloo and change it.
    5. The friends you clicked on will appear!
    (if this glitch doesn’t anymore, CP probably fixed it.)
    (Btw, you can do multiple people at the same time too, like you can click on one person, then click on another and make them appear!)
    If you guys manage to activate this glitch, PLEASE don’t tell CP :D

  8. Is the sushi maybe signalling a new item on CP with 52 as the number of Friend requests, Train? ~Munchkin6800

      • I think the “Sushi” is for the days of the week.
        On the wooden thing u can put 7 “Sushi” on it, SO 7 DAYS (1 week) = 7 Sushi
        Since penguins like Fish ( sushi) :P

        My theorie is that u must play the minigames to “earn” those shushi and u can earn 1 a day.
        OR u must login once a day ( so 7 times a week ) to get a small reward.
        And the “52” number is probably the “Friend Request” thing, cuz spike will have problably 52 Friend requests at this moment :P

  9. train,new memberships,a bloger has post it on spanishhttp://cpenguinfiesta.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/novedades-de-club-penguin-proximas-tarjetas-de-socios/comment-page-1/#comment-26795

  10. Trainman,keep doing your spy biz and maybe Spike Hike will give you so much smileys that you’ll be a CP employee by your birthday.

  11. Update:spike said yet that we´ll be able to get the sushi when we login on CP movile. VERY close: “The sushi is some how used to help you in the new My Penguin app, and each DAY you log in, you earn a piece of it!”

  12. Hey train I think yesterday spike hike said that the shushi count’s how many time he logged in using Cp in Ipad he said it on twitter yesterday night

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