Club Penguin My Penguin App Sneak Peek

Nothing much was allowed to be said about Club Penguin’s mobile plans aside from the fact that it is coming in the future and still being worked on, however here is a single teaser image. I’m guessing it is the My Penguin app, which I first posted about a year ago and again recently mentioning Spike Hike. Check it out:


Pretty neat! I’m guessing it won’t be limited to the iPad, as Club Penguin would want to have as big of an audience as possible.

Picture from OC Mom Blog and thanks to Iker 2010 for telling me about it.

29 thoughts on “Club Penguin My Penguin App Sneak Peek

  1. I think the four games are pufflescape, Astro-Barrier, Thin Ice, And Ice fishing. I can’t really see the 5th one sooo. And maybe it’s a new game. Probably?

  2. is it for Android also train??
    i have one samsung galaxy s duos and 1 pad 3
    in which gadgets would it be possible?
    plz reply

  3. I e mailed cp about the phone thing so I could play on my dads phone (ignore my other comment I pressed enter instead of backspace)

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