Operation Hot Sauce Is The EPF Mission’s Official Name

Since we have not yet received any mission orders or information from Gary aside from the logoff screen notifying us of an upcoming new mission, we haven’t known what the mission’s name is that will be released tomorrow night. Now we do! The EPF’s mission name is Operation Hot Sauce. Based on the title and logo, hot sauce is going to be involved. Lots and lots of hot sauce…


Hopefully this makes you a bit more excited! What do you think is going to happen in this mission?

Thanks for the tip, Yellow Crown!

59 thoughts on “Operation Hot Sauce Is The EPF Mission’s Official Name

  1. Aw, yea-yuh! A brand new mission… in 5 months… ABOUT TIME! So its gonna be a mini party until the Marvel Party?

  2. Since its Apr 5 – 16, I’m pretty sure it will be like Operation Blackout and not like PSA missions :( If so, shame on CP for calling it a mission and getting our hopes up.

  3. I posted this on my blog and gave you credit! Check it out at cpcentralgn.blogspot.com. Where did you find that image?

  4. Hot Sauce……….. Lots and lots of hot sauce………………..Lots and lots of hot sauce……………….

    • “Lots and Lots And Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots Of Hot Sauce To Go With my side Of Hot Sauce Please, Mwahahahah! I Shall Now Rule The World With….. HOT SAUCE” says………
      Herbert.P.Bear Klutzy says” Click Snap Click Clack Clickity Clack”

  5. I think I know what happens! Herbert steals the hot sauce tank from the Pizza Parlor (Explaining the mess). He walks around the island (‘Fun at the Cove’) anf then goes to his base wear he does something (That video where there was a giant hot sauce bottle and water)

  6. Hey Trainman! I used this image on my blog but gave you credit :). The blog is giratina9872cp.wordpress.com

    I was wondering if you could check it out and maybe even put it on your blogroll?

  7. I wish Club Penguin could be like a city. Instead of the coffee shop we have starbucks and instead of Pizza Parlour we have Mcdonalds and some other places that are real life. But i guess thats just too much too ask for.

  8. Hey Trainman1405!

    Did you know that the EPF Spy Phone has already been removed from our screens? However, because of the mission not starting until tomorrow, of course there isn’t the ALL-NEW Spy Phone there!


  9. Operation Hot Sauce?! A kind of funny name… And then, when will it release?
    P.S. If CP gets full of hot sauce i’ll make 4000 plates of tai or chinese food! Or 7002 chicken wings or 5500 spicy pizzas! Nice, huh? XD

  10. Heh, Herbert is planning to strike again! My lil brother should go to the tropicals. As a monkey is typing this right now. -Bob

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