Leafypingu Is Club Penguin’s POTD (Penguin of the Day)

With Earth Day coming soon Club Penguin has taken notice of penguins raising awareness inside the virtual world. Leafypingu-1366134823 It hasn’t gone unnoticed, so the team featured Leafypingu in a post called “Penguin of the Day” which means they’ll probably be featuring penguins over the coming days.

The following two screenshots of Leafypingu in action were posted:


And of course overtime Leafypingu gained a crowd of some other supporters:


As a reward Leafypingu got 5,000 coins, so congrats!

Maybe I’ll make it onto the blog tomorrow for raising train awareness? ;-) (just kidding)

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 2.19.37 PM

Also, for those of you on Twitter, it’s pretty dumb in my opinion that Spike Hike and others aren’t allowed to say our penguin names on Twitter to a small group of followers, yet they can show off a penguin to the whole world on the Club Penguin Blog…

The following page has been updated:

26 thoughts on “Leafypingu Is Club Penguin’s POTD (Penguin of the Day)

  1. So funny but congrats to her and trainman you probally will become the penguin of the day but not for trainday but its funny and your awesome :)

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