Gary Sends EPF Message About Crystals

Gary has sent a new EPF message to all of the agents regarding the crystals! It appears to be due to some seismic activity. Check out the message:

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 1.50.53 PM

Gary said:

Recent fluctuations in seismic activity are affecting rock composition in a most peculiar way… crystals unlike any I’ve studied before…

Hmm…is it related to the Marvel Superhero Takeover or Herbert? After all, you might remember the Mysterious Tremors PSA mission where he caused some earthquakes by digging under the island.

Thanks Green N Cool!

8 thoughts on “Gary Sends EPF Message About Crystals

  1. Another update on Polo via his blog!

    Update: According to Twitter, the @polofield account was suspended for being an impersonator. LOL! Now that is funny.

    So hopefully Twitter fixes the issue and the real Polo Field can return one day.


  2. Hmm, it’s possible the meteor’s impact left energy traces that caused after-effects. That’s my theory. Plus using the meteor in january to break open time and travel through may have not been the best idea if we were trying to avoid more asguardian nut-jobs coming and trying to take over CP. Well, at least I get to play with my old extremely dangerous toys! I mean get out my old superhero gear!

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