Is Spike Hike Testing Club Penguin On His iPad? (Updated)

In the beginning of this month Spike Hike from the Club Penguin Team tweeted a picture of his outfit for the Puffle Party. A few penguins, me included, noticed that his playercard looked slightly abnormal. The penguin name was missing, the design was slightly different, and finally the shades of blue were darker than they tend to be. I decided to not make a big deal out of it.

Then today, once again, Spike Hike tweeted his outfit for the Marvel Superhero Takeover starting in a little under a month, and once again his playercard looked different than the normal in game one!

What’s interesting is both of those tweets were posted from his iPad. The normal playercard one is from the web.

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 8.26.11 PM

On the other hand, when he tweets pictures of his playercard from his web, you see his full name and the playercard looks how it does in game.


Compare Spike Hike’s outfit from his iPad:


With mine from the actual Club Penguin game:

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 8.28.27 PM

What do you think? Is Club Penguin working on their game for iOS? Is it My Penguin related?

UPDATE: And in response to this post Spike Hike said….

UPDATE 2: Once again, Spike Hike tweeted from his iPad!

Not only that, but on Club Penguin his membership badge star is there, but in his pic it is missing.

Screenshot on 2013-03-31 at 12.29.53

64 thoughts on “Is Spike Hike Testing Club Penguin On His iPad? (Updated)

  1. Wait in the picture of him from the Hollywood Party he had a star on his member badge on the one from the Puffle Party he has a star. Weird….

  2. Well it’s a wide image so it would be from an iPad. :)

    Did you know iPads have built in wireless connections to the internet? That’s how they connect your to the internet from anywhere! :D

    ~Perapin :)

  3. can u ask spike on twitter about the music jam this year i really want to ask him but im not allowed to have a twitter

  4. Better quallity in the real game than the ipad,the member star and in the real game,spike had the star and in the ipad no,you have all the outfit that him have,if you can see,the game card on the ipad is more big and the background is not the same,and maybe,the ipad too dont show your stamps and coins,and you make a typo,it say With mine from from the actual Club Penguin game. ;)

  5. My penguin is an app it lets transfer coins from you phone to your penguin on the computer.
    It also lets you play card-jitsu (the normal one).
    Thats all i know :P

  6. Hello, Trainman, you did typo!
    “With mine from from the actual Club Penguin game:” You put “From” Twice :)

  7. I was actually first to go on CP on my ipad mini. It works GREAT! The graphics are in complete high-def, the internet is CRAZY FAST, and theres an app to go on CP on ur ipad called “Puffin Internet Browser” to browse the web for free without any viruses getting in.

  8. Hey Train! As you can probably see that I didn’t tweet in a while! That’s because Snow Rudolph was being mean to me so I quit twitter so I would like if you told everyone!

  9. can u ask spike about the music jam because thats like my favorite party and i NEED to know and i dont have a twitter acount

  10. Maybe you could check on your Mail, Buddy List, and even play games on it. Maybe its going to be alittle like Fantage’s “IDFone” Thing on iDevices. Heh…. o3o

  11. I got that app but i don’t play it on mine I just play one my compter and I see the diffrece between them .And all you have to do is go to the app store but I am not sure if it is there any more just try to see if it is there I really do not know if it is there any more.

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