New Club Penguin Mission Coming April 5th!

Club Penguin’s been pretty quiet about the Elite Penguin Force construction but it looks like all will be revealed next week! From April 5th to the 16th there will be a new mission! Along with that mission there will be a new spy phone and new elite gear that members can pick up!


Thanks Chris Dog 90!

The following page has been updated:

24 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Mission Coming April 5th!

  1. why member only?i’m a non-member and i’m not playing club penguin so often because it’s so boring being a non member.

  2. Super awesome o yeah!and a new spyphone’s elite suits shop?i have everything of the latest shop or i thing better i’ll check if i have all before.I think it’ll be a event like the operation.

  3. Good, I’ve been waiting to show my rainbow puffle the ropes of the EPF, looks like it’s time to break out the old superhero stuff and EPF gear. *mumbles something to black puffle about dusting off the arrows, puffle just nods and hops away randomly*

  4. At the bottem of the newspaper, there’s a crime scene sneak peek of the Cove. I think the Pizza Parlor crime scene starts next week, too!

  5. I have an idea you know that orange puffle ph said she befriended in the news paper that could be the new elite orange puffle like flit, bouncer, blast, flare, loop, etc now all we need is an elite brown and rainbow puffle I think the elite orange puffle will eat anything to help us catch herbert!

  6. Are you sure about the new elite gear? i sure hope new ones come i cant stand seeing those 27 medals just standing there without able to giving it away

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