Federflink1 Is Having a Meetup This Tuesday

Federflink1, the German Club Penguin Blogger, is having a new meetup! This one is taking place on Tuesday, March 12th.

It’s at 17:00 (5:00 PM) Central European Time. That’s 4:00 PM GMT/UTC, 11:00 AM EST, and 8:00 AM PST. He requests you bring your Puffle. The server is Handschuhe (German) and the room everyone is meeting up in is the Plaza.


If you’re going, have fun!

14 thoughts on “Federflink1 Is Having a Meetup This Tuesday

  1. I think that CP should do a Super Sunday with Daffodaily5, Polo Field, Spike Hike, Mr Moose and Chattabox!

  2. Hey Trainman!

    I was thinking of an idea! Why not do your own weekly meet-up thingy? Like TT! Which it could stand for Train Tuesday or Train Thursday! Is that a good idea?

    P.S. I just saw some random dude on Club Penguin named Planeman1405 I think lol, what a coincidence.

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