Third and Final Card-Jitsu Snow Villain Announced

First Scrap, then Tank, and now Sly! Meet the third and final Card-Jitsu Snow villain.

This is Sly. As you can guess by his name, he’s a sly one. He’s a dangerous snowman. (But it’s okay since we can melt them with the fire power, right?!)

Here are Sly’s interesting facts:

  • Favorite Drink: Canned cola
  • Favorite Food: Chicken wings with blue cheese dip
  • Quirk: Obsessively polishes his bowling ball while scheming
  • Quote: “Oh yah, we’ll get ’em. Ooooh Yah…”

Now that all the villains are introduced what do you think Polo Field will post about that’s Card-Jitsu Snow related, if anything?

The following page has been updated:

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  1. Hey Trainman! Can you please come to my party tomorrow? It’s at 10:00 EST Melbourne Australia, server Half Pipe and room iceberg I hope you can come!

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