Rainbow Puffle Spotted In Club Penguin’s Hollywood Party Video

Club Penguin released a Hollywood Party video earlier today, and here’s an interesting detail approximately 16 seconds in. Take a look yourself, and you’ll see a yellow penguin sitting on the bleachers…with a rainbow Puffle on his T-shirt.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 8.27.49 PM

Could that actually be Club Penguin’s next Puffle or is Club Penguin messing with us? There are also theories about a Puffle with wings, which you may recall posts about both here and here. What will the new Puffle be, rainbow, winged, or something else?

Thanks Flames2179!

36 thoughts on “Rainbow Puffle Spotted In Club Penguin’s Hollywood Party Video

  1. This might not be the next puddle. Remember back in July when everyone saw a picture everyone saw a grey penguin? Well this is just like that. Just because you see something, doesn’t mean it will come true. Odds are the shirt might be just, well….a shirt.

  2. you could say this is a “subliminal message”
    hmmmm I guess like in 5,3,4 or 2 months its coming
    Remember operation blackout? god so many people
    was giving fake sneak peeks XD! how ever it took alot of time to come out it was first noticed in july 2012 and started in november OMG

  3. umm train thats a green puffle that has a hat and a wig on not the new puffle ;) sorry but its just a green puffle in a wig and hat

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