Club Penguin’s Next Puffle Revealed? (Spoiler: Image In This Post)

Club Penguin released a new issue of the Spanish magazine in Mexico, and in it there is a picture of an interesting Puffle. A Dragon Puffle maybe? Check out the image yourself and you’ll see the wings and the horns on it.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.43.21 AM

Oh and Spike Hike kept his promise, it wasn’t him… :P

Thanks @CPFent!

42 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Next Puffle Revealed? (Spoiler: Image In This Post)

  1. It doesn’t seem like a new puffle, seems like more like a puffle from one of the plays that there will be at the Hollywood Party, at least, from the translation that what I can read.

    • Yeah but it says Spike kept his promise… So it could be a new puffle.On the other hand it says Una fiesta de cine which means an cinema party ( It means the Holliwood party of course) so it could be a puffle actor.Who knows :)

  2. Translation:

    In February, prepare to film producer explorer Club Penguin Studios. Become filmmaker or plays a role in your own movie. And do not miss the spectacular awards ceremony, where you can rub shoulders with the cream of the movie stars!

    Nothing about the dragon puffle though…

  3. a celebration of cinema

    in February explorer prepare for the film production studios in club penguin filmmaker plays a role in your own movie not the spectacular delivery caramonia you can cen the cream of the

    Its not good translation XD but it doesn’t really say anything about the dragon puffle. Maybe it is just a picture? But it could be, as theres no other colours (apart from grey) to come. And spike hike did say there was going to be one! So excited :)

  4. Wow that’s sooo cool I want one in my iggy and to walk!!! Just for mems or everyone what do you think train? And you were right!!! Wow congrats on putting all that together!!! :)
    and you know something funny happened today my mom went online trying to find pics of penguins to make a cp cake for me and she came back with some penguins o. The week from your site!! Haha and one of them was perapin too :)

  5. Grüsse aus der Scheibenwelt!


    Wieso sollen die Wassertropfen immer , nach unten Droppen??

    Warum sollen sie nicht „ Nach oben Droppen“??

    Was spricht dagegen, dass ein Baum diese Effekt verstärkt??

  6. train sorry, I forgot to paste the text into the translator, and I speak Portuguese so I have to use a translator.
    Here is the correct one:
    Hello train, otherwise a lot of people I do not think this is a pufle film, I believe it is a pufle Nivi, for we know that the magazine’s Cp is not very organized, moreover he has wings like pufle orange christmas party.

  7. All we know is there will be a new puffle this year but maybe it would be similar to that or maybe just an imaginary puffle that a penguin hopes exists.

  8. This reminded me of the movie “How to train your dragon”. There’s a purple penguin wearing the winged viking helmet and he is taking the puffle for a walk. And you know, in that movie vikings know how to deal with dragons. So, maybe it’s one of the movies that will come to the party. What do you think?

  9. Echo006
    you translate it wrong.
    I know alot of spanish cause I lived in there
    and it says somethings REALLY different than the ones you said.

  10. Maybe the text for the holly wood party wasn’t key… What if it was the thing under it saying puffle violeta! I know it has nothing to do with a dragon puffle, but it does has some thing to do with puffles!


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