February 25th Featured Fashions

Daffodaily5 has posted part 2 of her Movie Star Spectacular Fashions picks on the official game blog. Here is this weeks selection:

Here comes Purplep95211 who looks sooo lovely: The hair! The dress! The necklace! It’s just perfection. Thanks to 97percent for the nomination!


Check out the shades on The Waddle1, I mean, how super-uber epic does he look? It’s a good job he nominated himself, as it looks as though he’s taking home the award for being Mr Cool tonight!


Everyone make way for Lulu8213. She’s looking fabulous in her sparkly dress and matching bag. They say big hair is sooo this season, so she is bang on trend!


Now last, but by no means least, strutting down the red carpet in his ace orange check sneakers, we have the one and only Bedard10 closing the show in style. What a dude!


Remember: you heard it here first! If you think your style is totally brill, and would like to star in the next episode of Featured Fashions, then write your nominations in the ‘credits’ below. Thanks for tuning in!

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16 thoughts on “February 25th Featured Fashions

  1. Train, I have news. Remember how last month, TONS of Sneak Peeks were given about the Hollywood Party during the Prehistoric one? Well, NONE have been given out about the Puffle Party yet, and the party is almost over. Something tells me that this year’s Puffle Party is going to be a repeat of 2012, which really stinks!!!! What do you think?

  2. Sometimes when I am near a Trash Can, sometimes I remember of all of the stupid and noobish fashions of CP, when I think of that, I say to the Trash Can “I am so sorry Trashy…”

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