Club Penguin Magazine Issue 14 Now Available – PH Hints At Rainbow Puffle

If you live in the United Kingdom and enjoy reading Club Penguin’s magazine, I recommend you go to the shop to purchase it, as the new issue is now available! This magazine covers a wide variety of topics as usual. Here is the cover:


Here is the table of contents for this week:

  • PH’s Wilderness Diary
  • Rockhopper’s Tall Tales
  • C.P.T.V.
  • Fashion 4 U: Tinsel Town
  • Invitation: Hollywood Party
  • Penguin Comic: Captain’s Log
  • Gary’s Gear: Agent Fashions
  • CP Goes Hollywood: Here are the top 5 highlights of the Hollywood Party: Become a superstar by acting on the 3 sets! Get cool free items including a Golf Cart! Become a Director and attend the Awards Show! Win the bronze, silver and gold statues! Perform your very own thank you speech!
  • Penguins Uncovered: Sensei
  • Penguin Challenge: Sensei’s Stunt School
  • Connect With Respect (Safer Internet Day Comp)
  • Rookiepedia: D
  • Cool Cribs
  • Posters
  • Penguin Challenge: Pirate Penguins 2
  • PH Planet
  • Penguin Challenge: Rookie in Goldflipper!
  • Penguin Comic: The Perfect Plan!
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • VIP: Grinny Gil
  • Next Issue: Fluffy… Fun… Fabulous… Puffle Special! Free Bouncy Ball! Free Items: Treasure Book Item, Puffle Tent! Inside… Agent PH! Puffle Puzzlers1 And maybe… PUFFLE SURPRISES! Issue 15 on sale 7th March.

Here is an interesting extract from PH’s diary:

“Ever seen a chameleon? It’s a lizard with amazing cells on its skin that can change colour! And check this – I looked at some puffle fur under the microscope… and saw cells that looked remarkably similar. Could it be that puffles have abilities we don’t know about?”

Could she be referring to the Rainbow Puffle, one that can change colour like a chameleon?

Here are the sneak peeks of the different sets:




Next month you’ll get a treasure book item and Puffle Tent:


Thanks Bloxxerman and YellowLump!

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35 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 14 Now Available – PH Hints At Rainbow Puffle

  1. Thanks for giving me credit :) Oh btw I have an account for this now which is YellowLump so please put YellowLump instead of Anonymous now if you can, thanks :)

  2. Typo! Shouldn’t it be PH hints at A rainbow Puffle instead of PH hints at rainbow Puffle? Or should it be PH hints at rainbow Puffles with a s in the end?
    -and cool!

  3. :o Train mira el twitter @clubpenguin en el tweet de que dicen que lanzaran un nuevo puffle yo fui el primero en responder copn puffle rainbow y eso haràn :D

  4. Train you know that limo room you posted about? Well thats the nightclub because cp didnt show all of it. We can get items such as a Golf Cart (free item i dont know if members or not) we get the bronze, silver and gold penguin play trophies AND we have to give a speech. :\

  5. cool! so like bronze silver and gold statues that are in the shape of a penguin? i have a penguin award from a couple years ago that is in the shape of a penguin :)
    but i sooo want the mag to come to USA!!!!!! lol but sweet not sure if im super happy to see those pics or sad cause there will be not as much new…….

  6. Hey Train, you are giving too much away. So i’m asking you nicely to stop posting as much as this.
    If you would the Club penguin team would be very happy with you.

  7. Year, Polo Field is right you are giving to much away Train, if you carry on we will have to take action, but we don’t won’t to do that. So stop please.

  8. Train you are giving to much away, if you carry on doing this The Club-penguin Team will get cross.
    So I would stop,Thank you.

    • Well, I haven’t gotten a takedown notice over these like I have in the past with a post and a CP song clip so *shrug*. If I post the full Club Penguin magazine I know for sure that’d be illegal.

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