Club Penguin Hollywood Party 2013 Roundup

The Hollywood Party will be out in under 24 hours! If you’re interested, here is a compilation of all the information and sneak peeks to date. This post follows the chronologic order information is presented. The oldest information is at the top of this post while the most recent information is at the bottom of this post.

It was first announced a month ago that Club Penguin would be going Hollywood, as in the official magazine it mentioned movie mania this month. Several days later Spike Hike posted on Twitter that Club Penguin would be going Hollywood.

We did not hear much else until Club Penguin released this log off screen saying members can be superstars.

Then just about half a month ago we got our first glimpse of the party itself, when Spike Hike posted these three images on Twitter. We didn’t know what it was at first but now we know it was the outside of the three different sets. (High school, action, and sci-fi)




A similar image was posted on the Club Penguin Blog by Polo Field:

The High school set, Penguin High 3, will be available the day of the party. The action set will be available starting February 16th. The third and final set, the sci-fi one, will be available starting February 17th.

I then posted that it seems like two of the three furniture items, the Graffiti Stair Ramp and Graffiti Arch Ramp, will be at the party for members to pick up. This has not been confirmed. The Director’s Chair item is unlocked if you purchase Club Penguin Magazine Issue 14.

It also seems like (but has not been confirmed) that the VIP Penthouse Igloo, which is similar to the Penthouse Igloo in the igloo catalogue, will be released.

On the 2nd of February, a little under two weeks ago, Spike Hike tweeted three pictures of the sets:




On the Club Penguin Blog a sketch of the limo room was posted, which we see in Club Penguin’s video. (further down)

This information was posted on the Club Penguin page on Disney UK, which gives some more details:

Grab your friends and hit the red carpet at Club Penguin’s Hollywood Party! Starting on the “Penguin High 3″ set, everyone can begin their quests to become directors – and members can be superstars! The “High Speed Getaway” stage opens Feb. 16 and member action-heroes will perform crazy stunts! Then, Feb. 17, on the set of “Return of the Space Squid,” members can be alien Sci-Fi stars! For both directors and member superstars, the Awards Show begins Feb. 21 and members will have the chance to earn awards! See you on set at the Hollywood Party at

Club Penguin has this advertisement animation about the party that was released a week ago. There is a Rainbow Puffle in that video.

Club Penguin Magazine Issue 14 shows the full sets:




Almost done with sneak peeks, here is a quick preview of the party. You can see special emotes and items from the party.

You can see the slate item in Spike Hike’s hand: (and emote)

Last but not least, there is all of this information translated from Spanish to English:

  • Directors and Superstars: Users can rise with fame directing movies and taking photos of celebrities to earn points and articles as directors. Members can see their names on the marquees lit and boost their career to stardom performing in a musical, action film, and science fiction film, and then win exclusive prizes.
  • Hollywood Style:  The new party catalogue  Lights, Camera, Hollywood  has clothes of the stars, such as dresses with diamonds, a spacesuit, and a coat
  • Special visits from celebrities to Club Penguin: DJ Cadence will visit the island for choreographing the musical numbers while the Sensei, martial arts expert, bring their talents to assist partners in their performances. The luckiest users also have the opportunity to prepare special effects film with Gary the Gadget-a real fan of science fiction, and attend a special meeting with Aunt Arctic.
  • Film Studios in igloos:  Penguins can transform their igloos into Hollywood studios, with furniture and film decorations.
  • Red carpet: During this event directors, photographers, and fans can connect with the biggest stars of  Club Penguin on the Red Carpet.
  • Awards:  Directors and superstars may attend most anticipated events of the season, including three awards. Stars who achieve the coveted status of superstars can earn special statuettes of the game.

The original Spanish text:

Las actividades de la Fiesta Luz, Cámara, Hollywood de Club Penguin incluirán:

  • Directores y superestrellas: los usuarios podrán lanzarse a la fama dirigiendo películas y tomando fotos de las celebridades para ganar puntos y artículos como directores. Los socios podrán ver sus nombres iluminados en las marquesinas e impulsar su carrera al estrellato actuando en musicales y films de acción y ciencia ficción, en los cuales ganarán exclusivos premios.
  • Estilo Hollywood: el nuevo catálogo de la fiesta Luz, cámara, Hollywood posee vestuarios propios de las estrellas, tales como vestidos con diamantes, un traje espacial y un abrigo a prueba de todo.
  • Visitas especiales de las celebridades de Club Penguin: DJ Cadence visitará la isla para coreografiar los números musicales mientras que el Sensei, experto en artes marciales, aportará sus talentos para asistir a los socios en sus actuaciones. Los usuarios más afortunados también tendrán la oportunidad de preparar los efectos especiales cinematográficos con Gary, el Pingüino Artefacto —un auténtico fanático de la ciencia ficción— y participar de un encuentro especial con la tía del Ártico.
  • Estudios cinematográficos en iglús: los socios podrán transformar sus iglús en grandiosos estudios de Hollywood, con muebles y adornos de película.
  • Elegante evento sobre la alfombra roja: durante esta velada de gala los directores, fotógrafos y fanáticos se codearán con las máximas estrellas de Club Penguin.
  • Estelar entrega de premios: los directores y las superestrellas podrán concurrir a los eventos más anhelados de la temporada, que incluyen tres entregas de premios. Aquellos socios que alcancen el codiciado estatus de superestrellas podrán ganar estatuillas especiales de Club Penguin.

Finally, Sensei, Aunt Arctic, Gary, and Cadence will all be at the party.

That wraps up the Hollywood Party 2013 roundup! Once the party is released I will be posting the Club Penguin Hollywood Party 2013 Cheats.

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  1. Train, this is an odd question but do you miss the old traditional mascot backgrounds? Y’know, the ones where is was just your penguin and the mascot, nothing to do with a party. That’s one reason I like Sensei: he still has one, but probs not for much longer :(

  2. What’s after April fools and what’s after that and after that if you know and also when is the card jitsu snow beta thing

  3. What’s after April fools and what’s after that and after that if you know and also when is the card jitsu snow beta thing so yeah :3

  4. The Director’s Chair item is unlocked if you purchase Club Penguin Magazine Issue 14.
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