Club Penguin Discussion: What Viral Videos/Memes Would You Like To See Club Penguin Parody Next?

If you’re on YouTube like me, you may have heard about the new “Harlem Shake” dance, where there’s just one person, usually wearing a helmet for some reason, dancing to a Trap genre song called Harlem Shake. Then all of a sudden when the voice in the song goes “Do the Harlem Shake” the scene completely changes and all of a sudden the people in the room break out in dance or random action – at times people randomly appear, too. Here’s an example:

Yeah, random indeed. Everyone on YouTube is making their own version of Harlem Shake right now. Famous YouTubers, people with only a few subscribers, and even companies like Atlantic Music and Rackspace have done their own versions.

As you might recall, the Herbert Style video is based off the insanely popular Gangnam Style song. Their Dubstep Puffle video, which has just hit 1,000,000 views, also has a few memes in it which I covered in this post. Finally, there’s Nyan Puffle which is Club Penguin’s version of Nyan Cat. There’s also a Banana Phone reference in one of Club Penguin’s videos…

Basically, the videos from Club Penguin (Herbert Style, Dubstep Puffle, and Nyan Puffle) in which they parody other videos or include memes are amongst some of their most popular videos as people love them. My question to you for this Club Penguin Discussion is: New or old, what viral videos and Club Penguin memes do you want Club Penguin to make their own version of?

My biggest request: have the employees at the Club Penguin office do Harlem Shake! I’d love to see how random the team can make it around the office with their dancing. I made a quick one on Club Penguin with some friends, but I’d love to see Club Penguin themselves do it in real life.

28 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: What Viral Videos/Memes Would You Like To See Club Penguin Parody Next?

  1. I want them to do a parody of the youtube poops about Zelda CDI.

    Penguin: Boy, it sure is BORING around Club Penguin.

    Rockhopper: Matey…Stinky Cheese is what ALL true pirates strive for.

    Penguin: I just wonder what HERBERT is up to.

    Gary: Penguins! Herbert and his CRABS have SEIZED the island of Club Penguin!

    Rockhopper: Hmmm… How can pirates help? (Pirates have never been involved with Herbert, lol)

    Gary: It is written…only the EPF penguin can defeat Herbert…no really, check CP’s scripting code.

    Penguin: G-G-G-g-g-g-Great!!! *explodes*

    CP needs to do something like this.

    • Penguin: So I looked in the drawer,
      Green Puffle: Yeah
      Penguin: And I found something good,
      Green Puffle: Yeah OK
      Penguin: The drawer was full of Puffle O’s
      Green Puffle: OK yeah!
      Penguin: So I thought of you,
      Green Puffle: *drools*
      Penguin: But I also thought of Yellow, so I gave it to him!
      Puffle: AWWWWWW!!

  2. I’ve always imagined – don’t ask about why – a video of Gary doing the Numa Numa dance from years ago (if anyone remembers that).

  3. Billy Nye the science guy!

    It could be gary and the same theme song

    Instead of “bill nye the science guy. bill, bill, bill, bill!”

    it would be “Gary the gadget guy. Gary, gary, gary, gary!”

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