Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Starring Your Penguin

Here is Club Penguin’s latest Reviewed By You post! Last time we were asked what we liked best about the Prehistoric Party. Bookgirl1998’s answer was chosen, and she said:

I LOVE dinosaurs so I this party is AWSOME! I love that you can change into dinosaurs and even if you aren’t a member, you can still feed them, look for eggs, and collect the dinosaur outfit! My favorite dinosaur from this party is… ALL OF THEM! Only thing I really want is to meet Gary (I haven’t meet him yet!). I hope you guys keep making cool parties like this! :D

The question for this week is “If you made a movie starring your penguin, what would you call it? And what would the movie be about?”. As always the selected response will get 10,000 coins added to their penguin.


The following page has been updated:

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Starring Your Penguin

  1. That’s so mean penguin (“y”)up45,ha ha ha ish,anyway this post might become one of my favorites,i would make a movie or a music video movie or a movie video,about my penguin and her friends sitting or standing in the back or sort of in the back of the whole outside performance of cadence and tpb playing there new (*mumbles terribleish*) song,and all the other penguins that i don’t know doing some faces like for example like huh?,WHAT?,WHAT happened?,and then my penguin and her fee friends looks at each other doing the same and exchanging glances,then smiling,run out of the crowds,and to get ready and stuff,and later my penguin and her friends starts to perform their own little perform and the crowd looks back at them and walks toward circling them and looking at their dance moves and stuff then suddenly…,!,i shouldn’t tell about it,it would ruin my opinion
    – Shera54321

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