Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Hollywood Party

There has been a brand new reviewed by you post published on Club Penguin’s Blog by Polo Field.¬†You may recall him asking us what a movie starring our penguin would be like. Here is what Blublukiwi said:

My movie would be about a penguin and her friends are adventuring aboard the Migrater with, of course, Captain Rockhopper! When things were going good aboard the ship, a giant squid splashes the Migrater to an amazing island! The island is covered with beautiful trees with fruit, beaches, and adventures! The island is home to a tribe of penguins called the Maka Taka Tribe. All the penguins they meet have incredible talents! They play unique games, play music, dance, and create! They also have colors, incredible colors! Some of the penguins have stripes, some have polka dots, some are neon, some are camo, and some have regular colors. One of the penguins was out adventuring when he noticed something terrible! There was a valcano, and it was ready to errupt! Will the penguins ever make it home? Will they be able to save their new friends as well? I going to call the movie “The Mysterious Island of the Maka Taka Tribe.”

With the Hollywood Party in session, the team wants to know what we love about it. As usual the selected response will be posted next week and the penguin will earn 10,000 free coins.

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