Reminder: Don’t Forget To Get Your Prehistoric Party Items Before Thursday!

The final Prehistoric Party item for members is available starting today! You can get one igloo background and up to 99 of each of the special furniture items you get for roaring at the Prehistoric Party. Just a reminder that Club Penguin’s Prehistoric Party ends Wednesday night (PST), so make sure you get the furniture items and clothing items from the catalogue (and the T Rex Hoodie) before the party is over!

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34 thoughts on “Reminder: Don’t Forget To Get Your Prehistoric Party Items Before Thursday!

  1. I am always in a last minute rush to get everything from the catalogues on the last day in every party, when I have only got like 165 coins… AAH!

  2. Train ask spike on twitter when is spike saturday im still waiting and what serve wll he be on? Can i be penguin of the week?

  3. Hey Trainman, this is unrelated, but is the upcoming February party called the Star Studded Party or the Hollywood Party? I’ve saw “Star Studded Party” in the newspaper and “Hollywood Party” on the log off screen.

  4. i get everything like every single item there is in the catalog usually in the first 3 days of the party i need 350 coins only have 55 ill get it later also is my penguin up on the header yet

  5. oops anonoymous was me please reply to it or ill just say it like this when will you put my penguin up on the header and one more thing forgot :p just reply to the annonoumous

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