On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 26

There are two years with updates on the 26th of January in Club Penguin History, 2007 and 2012.


There was a single update in 2007. It was the Tour Guide feature being released! Club Penguin’s players that were more than 45 days old could go to the Plaza (the Tour Guide Booth was at the Plaza but moved to the Ski Village in May 2007 when the Forest path was made) and take the quiz. You could then get the Tour Guide Hat and give penguins a tour of the island!


On the 26th of January, there were lots of updates. The main update was the event/party for that month, the Underwater Expedition. Rookie caused the island to tilt due to ordering tons of anvils. Rookie was meetable on the island during this time with a new background. The Underwater Expedition was a maze with an ending room with the Submarine Item for members.


The Beach Chair Pin was hidden in the Dance Club, too. It was located in the bottom left on the speaker in the old room design.

The 66th field op was released, located at the Lighthouse behind the drums. It was originally at the piano but changed shortly after. The game was to guide the bot and recharge the batteries.

Minor updates included a new login screen for the Underwater Party, one advertising the fashion show, the postcards being updated, and Herbert disappearing off the Herbert Cam at the EPF Command Room!

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