Underwater Expedition 2012

The Underwater Expedition was mainly members only. The party item, the Heavy Hat, was in boxes at the Beach. Because it was heavy it tilted the whole island. Rookie was also meetable at the party with an all new background. At the Dock penguins could pick up the nine pieces of trash for a background. Members could go in the Maze. The final room, the Deep, had a Submarine Suit for them to get. If penguins lit up the 8 crystals in the room the conch shell would make a noise.

7 thoughts on “Underwater Expedition 2012

  1. your right
    herbert did once try to sink the island and I feel abit sorry for rookie because I think he accadently ordered the barrles. either that or it was herbert

  2. This was my first party in Club Penguin. Also, I didn’t knew much about Club Penguin so I didn’t knew there was a party going on. But I have the Heavy Hat(which I have collected randomly). And also I wasn’t a member at that time so I was unable to go inside the maze thingy!!

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