Longboards Coming To Club Penguin In February 2013 Penguin Style

Club Penguin has tweeted a new sneak peek of the February 2013 Penguin Style! This is their second sneak peek of the catalogue.

The image:


That looks pretty gnarly! If you haven’t seen the sneak peek of the cover, check out this post. Also, for whatever reason Club Penguin REMOVED the cover sneak peek from their blog and even deleted the image! What gives?!

45 thoughts on “Longboards Coming To Club Penguin In February 2013 Penguin Style

  1. I might actually buy a longboard ._. The only thing I bought out of the new catalog was some of the non-member stuff and The Super Fly. :P

  2. woah cool!
    trainman i feel guilty because i keep asking the same thing soo many times but are you online?if you are what server?

    • No don’t feel guilty! :) I’m not online right now. I’ll be on Club Penguin a bit this weekend though! I’m not on much besides when Club Penguin updates or I need to get coins.

    • Kind of, as in they have the same parts. (deck, wheels, etc) Although a longboard is a bit longer, easily twice the length of a skateboard. Wider, too.

  3. Train will you come to my rex saturday?
    Here are the details
    Time ( uk time) : 8:00pm
    server: Freezer
    Room: snow forts ( we will move on to other rooms)
    Name: Rexo345 ( My penguins)
    Clothes: I will be a blue penguin with lots of red clothes on me.
    Hope you can make it!!

  4. the penguins are a bit scary…. will a little kid like those faces?! and they r also too tall… It s like they r telling us ” HEY THATS OUR PLACE! LEAVE STUPID”

    • I just don’t play it much anymore and they are changing a lot so I dunno but still keeping a short cut to cp memories. I love this website so I’m not gonna quit checking it but as for now farewell to club penguin!

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