On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 19

Updates on the 19th of January have happened on three different years. They are 2007, 2009, and 2012.


In 2007 there were three different updates. There was a new pin, the first ever Winter Fiesta Party, and the first ever igloo flooring was released! You could buy the Terracotta Tile, Maple Hardwood, Green Carpet, or Burgundy Carpet.┬áPreviously you could only have an igloo and furniture but no carpet or anything like that in your igloo aside from the rugs you could buy in the furniture catalogue. The pin was the Cactus Pin and was Club Penguin’s 24th pin. It was located in the Coffee Shop. Finally, at the Winter Fiesta the free item was a pair of Maracas.



2009 only has one update. A few login screens advertising what members can do were added.



In 2012 there were a few updates. The furniture catalogue was updated with new underwater furniture, an Underwater Expedition login screen was added, boxes for the party was added, and the 65th field op was released. The 65th field op was located at the Cove and the game was to figure out the symbol combination.


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12 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 19

  1. I miss the Winter Fiesta parties. They brought Mexican culture to Club Penguin and they always made me feel better during the winter (Winter is depressing for me).

    I honestly think Club Penguin discontinuing the Winter Fiesta was one of their biggest mistakes.

  2. 2007 Winter Fiesta – I didn’t join Club Penguin yet.
    2008 Winter Fiesta – I went on a cruise with my family and missed it.
    2009 Winter Fiesta – I was there.

    I’ve only been to one. :P

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