Gary EPF Message – January 4

Gary has sent out an all new EPF message. Check it out below. It has to do with his scientific announcement.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 1.14.16 PM

Great Scott – of course! By recalibrating the temporal distortion array in my Time Trekker, I can manipulate time space as easy as peeling a tangerine! Simple!

16 thoughts on “Gary EPF Message – January 4

  1. :oo train do you know the snow trekker in the first cp ds game? Maybe gary turned the snow trekker into the time trekker and after we use it maybe gary will make it a snow trekker again and it will be a minigame.

  2. Sorry but how Gary could sent us a message?The EPF bulding is distroyed!Second, how did he use his lab to make the time machine and recalibrate the temporal distortion array in his Time Trekker?The lab also distroyed!!Weird things are happening

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