Daffodaily’s Featured Fashions: January 28th

Because it is Monday there is a new Featured Fashions post by Daffodaily5 on Club Penguin’s Blog! This one reads:

Hiya time travellers!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the Prehistoric Party as much as I have!  When I wasn’t running away from dinosaurs, I managed to find some epic Featured Fashions; who knew caveguins could be so fabulous!

StevenHappy’s outfit is epic! Dino bones + a fishing rod + skis = perfectly random! Although, those night vision goggles make me wonder… Doyouthinkhesaurus? ;)


Next we have RubyPark, who looks so glamorous in this prehistoric party dress! The Diva Sunglasses finish the outfit off lava-ly!


Thanks to Blazer Boy2 for nominating his buddy Fe1834! This is the ultimate caveguin rock star oufit! You look dino-mite!


Lastly, check out the T-Rexcellent style of Nerdysk8er (nominated by Theblackout2). The hair looks ace with this animal print! Loving the necklace… Brill bones XD


That’s it from me this week guys! Sorry for the bad dino jokes, I couldn’t resist hehe! Nominate your fashionable friends and your theme suggestions in the comments below!

Nice selection! Which outfit do you like the most? I think StevenHappy’s is pretty neat.

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10 thoughts on “Daffodaily’s Featured Fashions: January 28th

    • The new penguin drawings STINK, look at the the UGLY Snow Ninjas and they even messed about with Gary! The Clothing Catalogs are TERRIBLE ugly penguins ugly stupid clothes. And the skis and mitten/pole combo from Sports Catalog gotta be worst item ever, just LOOK first few pages compared to old normal hockey stuff! Plz tell CP to STOP ruining the penguins if you agree. Even though we know CP pads blogs with their own CP comments to make you think ppl like this, REAL players have got to keep telling them how AWFUL this is. Huge THX to Trainman, let us know if you can weed out the CP planted comments/.

  1. Looks like they stole one of your dinosaur jokes, like one I saw in one of your tweets

    “If Herbert strikes at the Prehistoric Party, then we should use dino-mite to attack him!” Now I really laughed out loud on that part but on the featured outfits? They totally ruined the joke…

    I will be honest, I didn’t like any outfit, only like StevenHappy’s outfit, that is a really good outfit which it should be nominated…

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