Club Penguin’s January 2013 (Series 19) Treasure Book

Club Penguin posted a sneak peek of tomorrow’s new penguin style earlier today and they have now tweeted a sneak peek of their 19th treasure book. This treasure book will also feature old classic items. Here are the tweets and the image.


Is it just me or is Club Penguin modifying how penguins look and making them a little more shiny?

59 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s January 2013 (Series 19) Treasure Book

  1. Those items look familiar. Trainman1405 haven’t these been released in a past treasure book recently? I think I already have the EPF Field Ops Suit (or whatever it is called) and the snazzy new shirt.

  2. Club Penguin is changing the way beaks look. To me, I don’t like it, it just looks a little too cartoonish and less cute. The penguins from 2007 were so much cuter. I think Club Penguin should return to drawing small beaks.

    ~Perapin :)

  3. LOL Really less cute, for penguins that want to be cute that’s like being a pookie and stop getting mad Club Penguin works hard for this stuff I think its very cool and less isn’t more your just trying to make your comments look good and that’s my opinion some people think they just care about the money they don’t they care about us kids! I mean like ew being cute its like being a pookie, Trainman1405 do you like the new design there doing to the treasure book and stuff? Please tell me
    ~Chris Dog90

  4. Hey Trainman! This is unrelated to the post, but I thought you might find this interesting.

    When you look at the old Ski Village design and the old Mine Shack design before the community garden, you can find similarities in the room designs. The trees in the left corner are EXACTLY the same, and you look at the mountains, its also exactly the same, too.

    Its pretty weird and I just noticed today. :)

  5. I like the normal penguins (Not the oldest ones and not the new ones :3) The new ones are too ‘Animated Short-Like’.

  6. I mean I dont understand anything
    Is club penguin going to launch theyre updates tomorrow or tomorrow at night dont understand

  7. The new designs seems to reflect how penguins look in the cartoons. I wonder if this will change everywhere (newspaper, home page, etc.).

  8. :O I get it now they get cool old items from all the 2012 treasure books and put them in this one :D but the penguins look like they are in a cartoon world and i like it. :DDD

  9. Train what party do you think is gonna be in January? I would like a space party where rockhoppers ship gets turned into a rocket and we go to space :D

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