Club Penguin January 2013 Penguin Style Sneak Peek + Updates Delayed Until Tomorrow Night

On the Club Penguin Blog Polo Field posted a sneak peek of this month’s Penguin Style. Check it out:


Unlike previous catalogues, this one has a page of items everyone can purchase for the first time! In addition, Club Penguin will be releasing their updates tomorrow night rather than tonight as originally scheduled.

Thanks Lenny Thai for telling me Club Penguin fixed the broken image!

The following page has been updated:

70 thoughts on “Club Penguin January 2013 Penguin Style Sneak Peek + Updates Delayed Until Tomorrow Night

  1. translaion: Happy New Year penguins! Ready to start the year with stylish clothes? The new Penguin Style catalog will be released this week. Take a look at the cover! Yes, you read that right … The new catalog will contain a page of clothing and accessories that everyone can buy. Pretty cool, huh? Otherwise, we had to postpone the release of this new week tomorrow night, Thursday, January 3. So it gives you one more day to save room for the new catalog! Waiting … Good slides! – The Club Penguin Team

  2. Wow cool I cant post yet until I get everything settled and fixed and i’m busy with my game coming soon!
    ~Chris Dog90

  3. It looks great!And the clothing available for all is a great idea because i remember i wasn’t a member and i couldn’t buy any clothes.And i hope they would be cool! But i’ll look the blog for maybe wrong translation.

    • Google translate got it wrong, I am personally french and it does mean that some clothing is gonna be for everyone! Which is pretty cool cause i’m not a member :P

  4. Non! Il n’ya pas de bug! And in translation:No! There isn’t any bug!Also there would be an ” clothing available for all” page!It’s pretty cool, huh?

  5. Actually train its not “it gives you one more day to save more room for the catalog” its “it gives you one more day to get coins for the catalog”. Hope this helps.

  6. I did misunderstand Mike having the catalog of fashion 2013 will be released tonight January 2 or it will come out on the night of the January 3?

  7. I hope the Tuft, black hoodie and black sunglasses are in it! Or in the Treasure Book. I have a coin code for two items :P

  8. Club Penguin finally woke up and smelled the roses? I was sort of expecting it since last year they were very generous to non-members. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – who knows? It might end up being just hats and pins. ;) Just kidding, we all know Club Penguin wouldn’t be that much of a trolling website.

    • haha yeah ik whithout my mem stuff when it expires i had only one pair of shoes for years but finally got two haha yeah non mems sure need shoes! when my mem expires ill be back down to two..

  9. LOL TRAIN, The first Club Penguin you announced in this post is spelled “Cub Penguin” I didnt know we were bear cubs… hmm.. :D

  10. heres what it said(its now on the blog ill put the link) Happy New Year, Penguins!

    Ready to get the New Year started with style? The new Penguin Style catalog comes out later this week. Check out the cover!

    You read that right… The new catalog will include a page of clothing items everyone can buy. Very cool!

    Also, we had to move our weekly launch to tomorrow evening, Thursday, January 3. So that’s an extra day to keep earning coins for the new items in the catalog!

    Until next time… Waddle On!

    -Club Penguin Team Im now giveing you the link .

  11. super cool how non mems will be able to get stuff too! althoguh i am now a mem for two weeks (thanks to trains EPIC contest TY SOOOO much!!)
    and trainman you made my day!! ty soo much and i was bummed cause i thought i couldnt get the free mem items before the party ended but i made it cause that night i checked my email and saw i won!! ty soo much train!!

    • If my calculations are right, your membership will expire before the Dinosaur Party, you should had waited for the Dinosaur Party to activate your membership but oh well, your using your membership for the Holiday Party at least

  12. i think its a bad idea to give more items no nonmembers. Not because I think they don’t deserve them, but because its a bad business strategy for club penguin. If they keep adding more and more features for nonmembers to use, fewer people will become a member and CP will lose money. just my opinion. don’t get mad.


  14. For the first time ever I am actually looking forward to this months catalog!
    BUT I am still not happy that the penguins look different. I think the main person that draws the penguins quit or something. I mean, look at the penguins feet!

    • Actually there is no main artist and by the way it’s just the way the shoe is . I think there making it more cartoonish 4 a reason so mabey the animated short penguins not look so wierd

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