Club Penguin To Go Hollywood In February

Thanks to the latest Club Penguin’s magazine issue we knew that Club Penguin’s big event next month was going to be movie related, however details were scarce. As a celebratory sneak peek for reaching 5,000 followers on Twitter earlier today, Spike Hike gave us a little bit more detail – Club Penguin is going Hollywood!

It’s still vague, but we do know a little bit more. I personally think it will be like the Penguin Play Awards but more involved and around the whole island. Maybe Rocky and CeCe will reappear? What do you think?

35 thoughts on “Club Penguin To Go Hollywood In February

  1. Maybe CeCe and Rocky, that’s a good guess! But I bet we will meet some movie stars there, and they, might, be our new mascots.

  2. We can transform into superstars!! Personally, I think CP is running out of ideas and just forces transformation at every party.

    • I think when Spike Hike said “become a Superstar” I don’t think he necessarily meant transforming intro a superstar like transforming to dinosaurs :)
      I think it’s the good old way of simply dressing up as something and act like a star :)

  3. YAHOOO *PACKS PENGUIN SO ITS READY FOR HOLLYWOOD* YAHOOO but guys rocky and cece are not mascots they dont have a stamp DUH so maybe rocky and cece were for music jam only.

  4. Woooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and i can ‘t wait to transform into superstars like taylor swift so i will be at the plaza after school at 4:00pm on the first day of club penguin hollywood party i can’t wait

  5. Lol,still i hate Rocky and Cece,if i could,i would delete them from my buddy list.Btw im going to be a Superstar(are they copying Talking Friends Superstar?)!

  6. Ok everyone i am having an airplane before the party we will be flying it’s gonna be a long ride! When: wednesday february 13 time: 7:00pm -10:00pm where: danceclub ok i will see you there and make sure to pack up at your iggy see you there

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