Club Penguin In 2012 Review

Today is the first day of 2013. Club Penguin has released everything they planned to (excluding setbacks they had) for the year – they are now ready to start releasing their 2013 content.

First off, what would you rate Club Penguin’s 2012 year? Did they do a good job with all their content this year, or do you think they did an awful job, or are you inbetween? Vote in the poll with what you think. Voting “1” in the poll means they did a terrible job, voting “10” in the poll means they did an absolutely amazing job, and voting “5” in the poll means you’re neutral about what they did – they didn’t do good or bad. There’s the other numbers as needed. I personally give them a 9.

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Now that you’ve voted, here is an explanation on why I picked 9: I think Club Penguin did an AMAZING job this year, really outdoing previous years. They had awesome parties, awesome clothes, awesome new features, the list goes on and on. Mascots have visited Club Penguin all 12 months of 2012. That has never been done before. They also increased their social media presence, as we can now speak to penguins like Polo Field, Spike Hike, Businesmoose, and even Club Penguin Support right on Twitter (although they never reply to me…) That is great, since they can single handedly interact with us and see what we want. The room designs are also a good new thing in my opinion. We also had some sweet parties, such as Rockhopper’s Quest, the Puffle Party, Marvel Superhero Takeover, Halloween Party, and others. Over the 12 months many new items have been made, some for everyone, and some for members. We also got the cool new igloo features and new website design on the homepage and Fun Stuff amongst other things. 2012 had a lot of surprises in the Club Penguin Island and I am definitely pumped for 2013. Just like last year, however, the bugs are a bit annoying. They all haven’t directly affected me, but after a while they just get old after a while. Luckily (as far as I recall) there haven’t been any major bugs aside from the buddy list cheat that Club Penguin quickly patched up. Plus it stinks Happy77 and Billybob left Club Penguin, but I’m not holding that against anyone.

Anyway, to finish everything up – what do you think Club Penguin’s most important updates are in 2012? If you want to view them all, check out the Club Penguin Update History Log. Just scroll down or hit CTRL + F (Command + F on Macs) and type in “2012” and it’ll take you there. Just skim through it. Here are my top 5 updates in order from major to not as major:

  • New igloo features
  • The amazing parties
  • New website enhancements
  • Mascots visiting monthly
  • Operation Blackout finally happened

What did you like about 2012 on Club Penguin the most? Feel free to discuss it in the comments below. Here’s to another great year on Club Penguin and in the Club Penguin Community!

53 thoughts on “Club Penguin In 2012 Review

  1. I have to say 8/10.

    I loved that they changed things up a bit. They added new parties and new party rooms, and they redecorated the island. They added two mascots and they made new games. The best part for me had to be getting the new clothing. The Club Penguin team was very generous this year, giving out body items, hand items, and even a pair of shoes.

  2. I liked the new rooms, igloo features, mascots, parties, clothes by parties I mean the ultimate jam, Halloween, blackout, holiday,and marvel superheroes

  3. I liked the rooms renovations, igloo renovations, clothes, mascots, being more interactive, parties which are holiday,Halloween, marvel superheroes, ultimate jam, blackout.

  4. Train when are you gonna post all the parties for 2013?(well only if you do that, but if you could that would be awesome.)

      • 9/10. They had Marvel Superhero Takeover – Advertising Marvel,
        Make your Mark: Ultimate Jam – Advertising Shake it Up
        Temple of Fruit: Advertising Innocent – I THOUGHT CP WAS AD FREE!
        We didnt get to meet Sensei :(

  5. This wasn’t club penguin’s best year for me, (2009 was, but that’s the year i joined so…) but this came pretty close to the best year ever. if 2013 wants to beat out 2009 and 2012, it has ALOT of work to do.

  6. I gave it an 7/10 – I would have given it an eight if Happy77 and Billybob didn’t leave and because most of the parties where based on ads. However, I like it that Club Penguin was getting non-members more involved (ie. Furniture items, more clothing to wear)

  7. 7 because i dodn’t like the “April Folls party,” “marvel super hero party” AND “Ultimate Jam party”

  8. I think this year i’m staying old just make it feel like you first started. the best time for a penguin would be there first year on club penguin! I really don’t like the new features such as the parties they weren’t really good this year the Halloween party was actually surprisingly not good for a lot of penguins! I know a lot of people like the transforming but they get boring fast and they need to make the parties shorter cause after a week we get bored of the party and it makes want to leave cause then there’s nothing to do too! The other parties were not really good and Club Penguin lied to us they said the buddy list was unlimited but it wasn’t we could only get 500 buddies or more if you save the buddy request and you know when you go to your igloo your a bit bigger yea they need to make it like that everywhere its so weird when we are small I have alot of other things to say XD get ready… Blackout was the worst party you can go to why? its boring and Herbert leaves if you throw snow balls at him and it was like Herbert took over us well he did but we can still do are own thing! The first year of January 2012 was the best that was the best party so far! The items were horrible I would only get a T shirt and shoes if you where a shirt it makes you fat and sometimes when you get hair items you realize they look ugly on you I would stick to party hats! The room design if they are going to change it change all the room even the iceberg make it more realistic for the new igloo thing is awesome they should just make it like mine craft build your own house in there The best on of all OUT OF THE PARTIES OF CLUB PENGUIN HISTORY IS.. THE CARD JISTSU PARTY THAT WAS THE BEST OF ALL AND SENSEI IS MY FAVE MASCOT TOO even tho it wasn’t in 2012 O do you think we would have the card jitsu party if we didn’t have operation blackout? Sorry for the long comment! See ya later!
    ~Chris Dog90

    • That’s why we have quests and scavenger hunts, so we can work on them the first week, and explore and transform on the next. I do think we are losing these scavenger hunts really fast, we only had like 3 in 2012. I do agree that Operation: Blackout did lag on a bit. I mean 3 weeks of boring stuff. What’s fun about an island that has no colour or games thanks to an evil polar bear?!

    • i think your AGINST cp partys if your bored then just do what i do SCREAM!! lol jk you do is you think of the place you havent been in that much and spend alot of times in there like for the medville party i spent time in the gift shop and it was fun and i wasnt bored no more also scorns hideout so if you dont like the partys just dont play cp
      ~danielle ;)

    • So you mean that the best party of 2012 was the Underwater Expedition and the worst was Operation: Blackout? Nope, Fashion Show was the worst (Even if it was an event) but next of that, Earth Day Party was the worst

      Operation: Blackout was my favorite party of 2012, I liked the epic music, non-members had a lot of items even a furniture item! (Convert Agent Station), we discovered the Director’s identity, we met a lot of mascots and even we met Herbert, it was the 1st time ever a mascot waddles in the island without being a penguin, I liked the action we had. I even wish that we get another Operation: Blackout like in Water Party 2008, it was a musem/memory party or something like that. Operation: Blackout really rocked

  9. this year was awesome! but i wish we got to vote on our new penguin color like in the other years. Also, I didn’t like the marvel takeover or the ultimate jam or the smoothie promotion (even though the items were cool).

  10. Even though it was my first year in club penguin I think they did a great job! The super hero takedown was a total hit and really think they should do it again. They really had some cool costumes by the way during that party! Yeah the room designs were pretty cool even though some penguins hate it. I don’t think they should though because club penguin puts a lot of hard work to make us all happy. I won’t say it all but yeah I think cp did a good job! Waddle on.

  11. Where is their ‘What’s New in 2013?’ video or the ‘2012 in under a minute’ video being released? I heard a rumour they were doing them. I rate the year 10/10. No, actually, I rate it 10.1/10. It was amazing. The individuality and the amount of stuff made me love it even more. Especially when Cadence and the Penguin Band released their songs. They rocked, and I’m excited to see what’s to come, as Server Jumping’s been in the fryer for over a year now.

  12. I’ve been playing since 2008 and every year they usually have the same parties, same month, etc. HOWEVER, 2012 I found to be VERY different! I loved 2012. I found Club Penguin to have a slight in change this year as they started giving out more items to non-members besides hats, pins, and backgrounds. They gave out some shirts and had ‘items for everyone’ catalogs at certain parties, which I really liked as it gave non-members something other than the latest pin, a baseball cap and a random background. I also loved the room designs that they changed, especially the Pizza Parlor (I loved it. :3). The one thing I didn’t like is the 7th Anniversary Party as it was very small and not like the others. I don’t really like how they are mixing the anniversary parties with the Halloween parties. It just doesn’t look good. :3 However, I found many positives to the island in 2012 and I’d say the most creative party might’ve been Rockhopper’s Quest as we got to travel to different islands! I loved it! Overall, 2012 was a very good year and I can’t wait to see what Club Penguin has in store for 2013…

  13. I rate it a 6. I kinda agree with you, with what you said but here is the list of BAD things that happen in 2012 for me in my opinion.

    #1: At the beginning of the year CP had so much worst parties. These parties are…
    Fashion Show
    April Fools
    Earth Day Party
    Fall Fair

    #2. It relates to the first reason but its a bit different. I think that CP should not do Ad Parties. For example the worst Ad Party was the Fruit Party because it was UK only and you had to BUY something which is awful. C’mon CP they needed to be creative, now they are going to do transforming parties every month because they can’t they can’t think of new ideas.

    #3. Mascots visiting every month was REALLY, REALLY annoying for me. I always see tracking spam and it just annoys me. :/

    #4. CP releasing the black MP3000 was really dumb. First of all, its not even a winter item so why release it on the December 2012 catalog?!!?!? Also CP said that exclusives items from the TB (Treasure Book) will not be available anywhere expect the TB but they lied.

    I have a bit more for reasons why CP could improve 2012, but I think they did a great job. For example they made non members do more things which is good and lots of other reasons why 2012 was a great year for CP

  14. In my opinion, Club Penguin gets better and better every year. You can tell how hard they work by looking at their attention to detail on everything they do.

  15. Ehh it was ok i say 6/10 in june-august there was too many ad parties and club penguin got lazy with all the transformation now

  16. in my opinion this year Club Penguin went over the top with everything. They just had all of the ad parties in the summer because of Disney, and those parties were awesome like the Marvel Super Hero party, Ultimate Jam, and the Adventure party. They updated the igloo abilities, more activities you can do at parties, New mascots and much more. The only party that I did not like was the Blackout but meeting Herbert was awesome. Any ways this year of Club penguin was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. I rated this year as 7/10.
    The Good Parts: Puffle Party, making Herbert and PH mascots, Operation Blackout, Holiday Party, Rockhoppers Quest, New igloo designs and Smoothie smash stamps, giving items other than backgrounds and wigs to non-members (I am a member but it was a nice gesture by club penguin).
    The Bad: Billybob leaving, the duration of parties,3 weeks is too long and boring), Parties advertising a third party product, Appearance of Rocky and Cece.
    Overall though it was quite a good year on CP

  18. As it being my first year of Club Penguin, I’d rate it 9/10. We had really awesome room redesigns, awesome parties like the Underwater Expedition and the Superhero Takeover, a better igloo experiance then when I started off, and the ability to transform. It loses 1 point because of CeCe and Rocky mascots, and the theme of this year’s Adventure Party.
    Overall, I think my first year on CP was an epic year and I cant wait for year 2!

  19. Hi trainm, you say:
    ”Club Penguin has released everything they planned to (excluding setbacks they had) for the year – they are now ready to start releasing their 2013 content.”
    You know what we’ll have during this year in club penguin?
    But if you know, you tell me if this year finally we have snow card jiu jitsu? I’m expecting it to two years.

  20. Here’s what I thought of the year in one big comment:
    OVERALL LAYOUT: I think it had a good layout this year, and everything was in place good. The Underwater Expedition lasted a week. A week, I mean, that’s a third of Operation: Blackout. That’s too short. The Fashion Show should have been a week instead. The items got released around the right times, and I liked the way they had daily challenges so we couldn’t do it all at once, although the second weeks were kinda boring. The way they released some items later than others was a good idea, like the Crew Cap. Earth Day and Operation: Blackout were too long for small parties. The April Fools’ Party was terrible, and it never deserved to even be here that year. The St. Patricks Day Party returned, but it was tiny and it needed more than the Mine Shack! Clothing is getting boring now. It was fine when they released cool things, and this year my favourite clothing item ever, the Red Stylin’ Jacket, finally got released, but other than that, we are getting too many jitsu gis in the Treasure Books, and jackets and creepy hairstyles and it’s out of hand. Everything is too predictable, the same coats appear just with different names. Arctic White, nah, it won’t be used much. Brown is always used but White, nah, I can’t see too many actually wanting to be white. Non-members are getting more, which is good for them. The new designs are amazing. The igloo features really are cool and help so much. I think the room designs rock too and I love the Journey rooms, they made CP a cooler designed-place. However, the Clothes Shop does look weird a bit. More of a fashion show room. The Dock, in my opinion, is the best one. It really looked boring before and now there is a bench, a frozen fountain and picnic tables! The railing and rocks make it look more real too! The four new mascots are good, and I love the addition of PH, Rocky and CeCe. Herbert, not so much, but he’s fine with me! Talking of the EPF, I think it was a good idea to destroy the HQ. It makes us actually wonder for once, nobody knows what’s gonna happen! The EPF had a good year, but really, I didn’t like Operation: Blackout. The only actual thing we could enjoy was the first week, with challenges. The other 2 were just boring weeks of Herbert taking over the island, and it didn’t give a good impression that they had snow on everything with no colour. Boring or what? The emotes at the Holiday Party were good, but I didn’t like the fact we had a huge Bakery. It’s not the party’s idea. Too much for CFC this year, not enough for Holiday Party. WE WANT MORE SNOW!!! :P Anyway, the advertising parties, well, I sound stupid, but I loved them all. The Marvel Superhero Takeover rocked! The fact we could dress as our favourite superheroes in REAL LIFE too was awesome! Then the city effect and the fact we were citizens and could be news reportes and policemen and criminals was just amazing. So what if it advertises Marvel? The Ultimate Jam was truly amazing. The sky, the decorations, the mascots, the party rooms, the items, the activities and everything rocked! I particularly liked the fact it advertised Shake It Up, unlike everyone else, because Shake It Up is a bad programme that needs more publicity, so this should work, and can I say I don’t actually watch it by the way! The fruit party wasn’t as good, but it was amazing anyway! Halloween and the Puffle Party were good, especially the transformation of puffles, that was my favourite transformation! Dinosaurs are better though…. The best thing about the year for me though was 4 little things. No, not the four mascots, but the four songs we released. I know every word of every song, and they just rock. Cadence brought us a surprise and I soon learnt the dance routine and lyrics of her debut single! Then the PB joined the fun aboard the Migrator, then they did it together and spooked us before finally doing it together again and chilling out on the ice rink! I love Club Penguin, and I loved 2012, so I can’t wait to see what 2013 has to offer. This is a really long comment, I hope you read through it all.

    • I forgot to mention, that to Billybob and Happy77, good luck! We will miss you in 2013 and the next years you are gone! And Good Luck SPIKE HIKE! You will be popular with us, and good luck Polo and Moose, especially Moose, YOU ROCK MOOSES! And the fact Smoothie Smash came was great, we needed a fun game like that! Although, the new room designs haven’t been decorated much, and we might just have to copy other years :(

      • Thanks, Train. I appreciate penguins who take time to actually read these long comments. I find it annoying when my friend tries to skip through them, when I wanna read them.

  21. 9/10 i would of rated it lower because i found 2007 & 2008 better since they had numbers. ok back on topic i would of rated it like a 7 or 6/10 because nearly everywhere i see ppl are quitting i just quit yesterday and they poorly decorated Underwater expection,fashion show,rockhopper’s quest,april fools and earth day and they tood forever for card jutsui snow so there is no point of sensei and less aunt arctic arrivals the reason its 9/10 is 1 its my 2nd time getting membership 1st was 2010 2nd i got cool costymes from 2012 & 2011 3rd clubpenguin atleast got better. Sorry for long comment.

  22. I would rate it 8/10

    Why? Because it was a really great year, the best parties ever we had in 2012 were:

    *Rockhopper’s Quest (Sail with Rockhopper)
    *Puffle Party (Rooms have changed, we turned into puffles, meeting PH)
    *Easter Egg Hunt (I liked that we got new bunny ears and no background or the hunt being cancelled)
    *Medieval Party (Ye Knights Quest #1 for everyone, loved defeating Scorn)
    *Halloween (It would be better if they wouldn’t advertise Haunted Mansion movie, I liked Gary’s search for Gariwald, turning into ghosts, the song Ghosts Just Wanna Dance, etc.)
    *Blackout (EPF action since Operation: Hibernation during Great Snow Race, meeting Herbert, many more)
    *Christmas (Transform into 3 things, the rooms were great, another advent calendar, arctic white being released, even NEW emotes!)

    Ones im neutral are

    *Super Hero Takeover (First catalog for non-members, a lot of action, but a lot of war which didn’t made CP very “peaceful”
    *Ultimate Jam (First song Party Starts Now, Cadence and PB, I kinda like Rocky and CeCe but I only wanted a normal and classic Music Jam, I liked the sky though…)
    *Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit (I would have loved it if they weren’t advertising it)
    *7th Anniversary Party (I loved the Party Hat, but they needed more)

    Parties I hated

    *Underwater Expedition (Just finishing a maze…)
    *Fashion Show (Only 1 room, also that it was specially for girls…)
    *April Fools (I hoped for more than last years, but nothing, just dimensions)
    *Earth Day (Just Snow Forts and also, the prices of the costumes were very expensive unlike last year
    *The Fair (Many items returned and there were only 3 NEW items…)

    The party I loved the most of 2012 was Operation: Blackout, I loved the epic music, almost EVERY room was decorated, it changed each time the rooms, finally full EPF Action since August 2011, meeting Herbert on the island, discovering the Director’s identity, the “dramaticness”, and CP worked it very hard since December 2010/January 2011 (By a board announcing what’s next in 2011, it was supposed that the Blackout would be in June 2011 but have changed…

    The stuff I loved this year were that non-members had more experience, we transformed into many creatures, non-members had furniture, many UNIQUE parties, this year was full of mysteries also and this year was full of secrets revealed, we met 4 new mascots, catalogs for non-members finally, it was a great year

    Bad stuff of 2012 were, besides of bad parties, the Ads Party, Happy77 and Billybob leaving, etc.

  23. I got distracted by other things and missed every party except for Fair and after. Then I saw all the party’s I missed and I went kinda psycho. But the partys I was here for were AWESOME!

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