Club Penguin Emailing More Seven Day Memberships

Here’s an all too familiar sight – Club Penguin is once again sending out one week (7 day) memberships to randomly select penguins for free. Unlike past emails, this one does not specifically mention the party for this month – instead, it shows the general Club Penguin Island and says “Special Offer for You!”.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 11.53.13 PM

And no, do not ask me for the code. It’s unique in each email and I didn’t even receive one, my friend Troy7826 did – thanks to him I was able to post this since he gave me the email.

53 thoughts on “Club Penguin Emailing More Seven Day Memberships

  1. The Halloween Party ghost glitch where when your penguin dances and then transforms into a ghost is back, but with dinosaurs! If you post it, could you give credit to me and Cliky Minty??

  2. Just found another glitch! How to walk on walls :) Check the guide on my blog, it’s simple. Just turn into a flying dino, open your playercard. Click on any wall, then while you are moving on the ground transform back into a penguin and you are on the walls!

  3. if my dad gets one,im getting sister got a 6 month member ship.i bought HALF!
    (we all got 3 months and she lost hers.i bought her a new one and then soon she found it.)

  4. Spelling mistake. At the beginning of the post it says “Here’s an all too familiar site.” it should say sight instead of site.

  5. My second penguin named zenzan12 got the 7 day membership code for the adventure fruit party and he met RH but now he’s a non member again lol
    P.S. have you heard of nachoz rule, well if you have you might be jealous that I’m his friend pwner777 and thaht’s friends :)
    P.S.S I love this website and if you have heard of saraapril the famous club penguin blogger you might also be jealous I met her however I’m sadly not my friend cause she always has a full buddy list!
    P.S.S.S I love cp and



  6. i never get free codes from this sight..i it because im not not good enough…why are u so rude…trin i have entere lots of your contests and never receive a thing especially from the 25 day giveaway.can i at least get something nice

  7. i might just not follow u on twitter again and start saying bad things about you on my web site.i agree with jackie train u dont choose different people it is always the same kind of people getting free stuff..

    • The contests were fair. If you think you have the right to abuse people because you don’t win something, you are wrong.
      By the way the seven day memberships are sent by club penguin to random accounts and you cannot hold anyone accountable if you don’t get one.
      Please just stay away from the blog if you cannot post sensibly.

      • You hate Trainman1405? You must like Eric703…

        P.S. The contests were fair, I lost also, and? I didn’t cry, you need to learn to lose also and tell bad things about Trainman on your blog? I consider that a Cyber-Bullying, and Trainman didn’t even receive the membership e-mail, it was by another user, I bet you are jackie just with another name…


  8. Hi I heard that you are giving away membership codes.Do you think that I could please have one. If so just e mail me back please.

    Your friend,Ben5155

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