Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Penguin Styles

A brand new Reviewed By You has been posted by Club Penguin Staff Member Polo Field on the official game blog. In the previous Reviewed By You we were asked what Coins For Change Cause we donated to and why. Hermey12’s response was chosen, who said the following:

I donated to ALL of them! I feel it’s all of our jobs to help the earth, help build safe places, and provide health care for the ill. I can’t believe we donated OVER 10 BILLION COINS this year! Wow! That’s really a big difference that we made this year! -Hermey12 :)


The Reviewed By You this time around is about penguin styles. The Club Penguin Team wants to know what new penguin styles we would like to see the most this year. As usual the winning answer will receive 10,000 coins on their penguin account.

The following page has been updated:

16 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Penguin Styles

  1. Hey train! First i think that we’ve donate (really now) about 1 or 2 trillion coins, the most at the earth help.And about the donated money I would like to say something:Ok,we have to take care of forests and endangered animals , but what about other people that are poor and they don’t even have water to drink? The water it’s dirty and full of pollutants.Also we got to build safe places for people that don’t have houses to leave, because they maybe r from countries poor or that r in war.What do u think?

  2. The penguin style i’d love to see modern and it would look like a real life style.It would be for a girl and have brown hair tied back ponytail and falling at her shoulder, white square sunglasses for the face, a purple t-shirt that it will have grey stripes and a jean for and shoes like pink All-Stars.Do u think it’s good, or not?

  3. OK ok…ok…OK…ok…OK

    Here’s what we do.

    We go to the blog, and recommend a TOUCAN Bird suit. That way, we can look tropical, awesome, and have a colorful beak and TAIL!

    Then we recommend a Magellanic Penguin Suit for the Earth, so we can support the Penguins of the south. Who’s with me!!! *holds hand up in the air…and no one comes >.>*

    • I actually like that idea. But no, I want more hairstyles that make me look hot. I’m not going to put that on the blog though…

      • don’t bother trying to look hot on club penguin. It’s an online role-playing game for kids, not a dating site.

    • Ok i like your Toucan bird suit and maybe cp could make a Bird party with lots of different bird costumes since penguins are birds and they should do it in July :D. I would love a big party hat costume to maybe on club penguins anniversary. what do you think train?

  4. I would like to see more dresses like ones with different emotions or stars.Another thing I would like to see is tank tops .

  5. This pic is from the Club Penguin Mag. Remember,the one that displayed the 5 most dangerous inventiond of Herbert?

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