Still Access Operation Blackout Rooms Cheat (Now Fixed)

Update: Club Penguin has now fixed this cheat. Thanks for telling me everybody!

Operation Blackout is over, but like usual I have a fun little cheat where you can still access the rooms!

To do this, simply click here to log in. You will then start out in the Paradise room. Enjoy it while it lasts!

18 thoughts on “Still Access Operation Blackout Rooms Cheat (Now Fixed)

  1. I want to go in the login but I can’t because the login doesn’t work and its not fair because I want to explore and fun fun in the login.

  2. You can still go in the VR room. Just look up Trainman’s Start Off In Any Room post and I think you know what to do from there. This is for everyone reading this post. Just dont draw attention about it or post it on your blog or Club Penguin will fix it.

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