PSA Missions Now Up For Playing On Fun Stuff Section

Along with the new homepage design being released today, just like I suspected you can now play the PSA Missions on Club Penguin’s website. Unlike before when they were in the Club Penguin game, you do not need to beat the previous mission in order to play the next one. on the bottom right of Club Penguin’s Fun Stuff section there is an image you need to click called ‘Play PSA Missions’.

From there you can select which one:

Each mission page has the mission at the top of the page, then below it is a quick outline of the mission.

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  1. I was about to tell you I was looking for cp banners for my website and I saw it! Do you have any banners for your website so then I could put one of your banners on my website.

  2. Trainman1405 I used your tracker but I want to see if it’s o’k if I use one of your tracker things I gave you credit and if you don’t want me to do that then ill get rid of the tracker.

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