New Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek

Here is a new Prehistoric Party sneak peek that was published on the Club Penguin Blog. This is the third sneak peek this week. In this sneak peek and the previous sneak peek the penguin was original blue. Maybe because we are going back in time during this party you will be able to be original blue? What do you think? Check out the latest sneak peek:


Do you think it’s a room currently in Club Penguin or something special for the party?

The following page has been updated:

23 thoughts on “New Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek

  1. I was looking at the newspaper and on the front page where all the mascots are saying how they had a good year,I think Gary gave a hint about time travel. He said something about it giving him an idea. So who knows? Also you know how Gary is announcing something grand next week? I think it’s either that he decided to do some time travel or the EPF is building something new,like a new HQ.But since we might be going back far in the past there could be a rainbow puffle because didn’t PH say that they could have lived a long time ago? Like stone age time! Anyway that’s sort of my prediction of what’s going to be happening over the next few weeks.

  2. I believe that the room is the Mine Shack, also Trainman, are we only going BACK in time? Will we also see the future and use the Time Trekker? And get a new puffle and signal of Card-Jitsu Snow?

  3. Train, I have a good prediction! Well, a couple of weeks ago, when you said Treasure Hunt was going to be renamed to Dino Dig, I know why! They changed the name for the Prehistoric Party.

  4. i think iceberg exept for how there is no mountains in the horizon which is kinda weird but i still kinda think its the iceberg

  5. that would be great, if we went back in time to discover Original Blue was the primitive color back in the day, and then we bring it back to the future so we can use :P

  6. Look’s like next year starts off in ‘time’ get it? Since it will be January, and were going back in time, so it starts off IN TIME. Anyone get that joke?

  7. I got a background based on that and this isnt my real name.That place looks like a dinosaur house so keep your eyes on that place on January 17th!

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