Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 9

Day 9 of 24 for the Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 is now here! Starting from the moment this post is published (December 9, 2012 at midnight PST) you will have exactly 24 hours (until 11:59 PM PST of the same day) to enter to try to win the code up for grabs today. The task is different than other days, so make sure you read instructions in each post carefully!

The task for day 9 is to comment below telling me which day task so far you have liked the most so far and why! If you need a refresher, click here for a list of all the posts and the associated task. The prize up for grabs for day 9 is: a card-jitsu code. Any entries for this day after 11:59 PM PST will not count. Instead, enter on day 9 once it is published.

Do not cheat, such as by entering multiple times under different names. Make sure you include your email address when submitting a comment (either in the email box or in your comment) so I can give you the code if you win! Good luck to each and every one of you! Remember, all 24 winners will be announced on the 25th of December. Winners are randomly selected in a drawing. You can reference this post anytime for the full giveaway contests information. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me via email or Twitter at any time.

128 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 9

  1. my favorite task so far is day 8 the puzzle because i really like solving puzzles and the puzzle was really good and a little bit challenging :)

  2. I kind of already told you before :) I love the one where you have to guess the room. If you’d do it again, that would be awesome but do like a picture from two years a go or something. It’s just so hard and I love trying to guess what it is :)

  3. I like the one where we had to take a pic of us waving to u. It was extremely challenging for me cos i have never uploaded a screenshot ;)


  4. I loved the task for day 3 as it showed me how to take a picture of my screen! Only two days before task 3 came out, my brother teased me about not knowing how to take a picture of the screen. So I was very happyXD

  5. My favourite day so far would be probably the wordsearch on Day 8 because it required mental thinking – my best criteria. But Day 3’s take a picture of your penguin saying Hi Trainman was a close 2nd!

  6. I like day 8’s contest as it was really to fun to do a club penguin word search! maybe you could frame a club penguin crossword some time soon!

  7. Well, I like the day 4 contest for the most part because it will test your knowledge about club penguin history and it will tell how long do you play cp. I like these trivia questions better because not all of us knows the answers to the questions so it will be hard to get it all right. i just have 10 cards on my deck and i want to add some for my player so hope i win! thanks cpmemories! :)

  8. My favorite was day 5 because (Even though I did not enter) it was fun trying to guess where you were hiding. Kind of like hide and seek, just internet version! xD

  9. e-mail: [removed for privacy – thanks!]
    My favourite task fas Day 5 task. Sadly, I didn’t guess right, but I think it was fun to find Trainman in the Operation Blackout Ice Rink…

  10. My favorite one would be the day 8 challenge and day 6 (However, I have trouble to decide sometimes), Day 8 because I like solving puzzles, they are fun! and Day 6 because it was like a test of guessing, what I mean is that Day 6 was kinda hard and I kinda like challenging challenges, however, I like Day 8 the most though…

  11. My favorite contest so far is telling what your favorite clothing item is because i found so items i forgot i had! By the way, It says, instead enter on day 9 once its published. It is day 9!

  12. I like where we needed to guess if you were hiding because every single person had to do a random guess and there wasn’t anyone who could copy off of someone else’s answer.

  13. day five because ,well it was just fun trying to find where you were hiding and if im not mistaken i think i was correct.

  14. Hey Trainman! Thanks for giving me a golden oppurtunaty to express my opinion about the task’s that you have given me :) I really loved your task on Day 4 ! :) This is because i really learnt more about Club Penguin when i search about the trivia questions on the wiki for the answers :) It was really fun for me ! I found many cool informations that i’ve never been heard..I really dont know who is Bambadee xD but when i try to answer your questions i found and i learnt many things..Thanks Trainman! I don’t only took part in this contest to win codes but i learnt many things from your contests! Hats off to you ! :D

  15. I enjoyed the day 8 contest, which was the Club Penguin themed word search! It was very unique, and fun to participate in!

  16. Even though it was a little hard, I liked Day 4, the trivia questions, because it was kind of like an online scavenger hunt. I was looking for the information I didn’t know and some of them were hard to find! It also challenges me to show how much I know about Club Penguin. I also liked day 8, because I like puzzles!

  17. My favorite day is day eight as I had fun doing the word search. My email is [removed for privacy – thanks!] thanks. Crzypengu over and out.

  18. I liked the one about the favorite item one (I forgot what day) but I HATED Day 8 I think, the finding words puzzle because I couldnt even enter that one :(

  19. I really liked the words look on a lot of letters in the 8 day, was time consuming and fun! Congratulations preparation!

  20. I loved the one where you had to guess the room because it was tricky for even penguins with the greatest eye for detail! ;D

  21. Mine is the one with the word search cause it makes you think and its challenging and those use to be my fave! Which is Day 8, email: [removed for privacy – thanks!] um I have a question did I ever win a contest cause I used the wrong email before. If I did I used my moms email so just to let you know just in case you thought you wasted the code or something.

    • Nope, the codes will not be mailed to the winners (and nobody will know who won) until the 25th of December. If you do win I will make sure I send you the code to the correct email address.

  22. My favorite task is the day 8, because I loved the word search, I play every day, after making my homework, with my book of word search.

  23. I liked the day when you had a picture from Op. Blackout how you showed a little picture of it but i would love a spot the differnce

  24. I like puzzles the most, it’s a challenge and you have a bigger chance of winning if you answered right than if it were a trivia question or something similiar. I really liked the Day 6 contest.

  25. I liked Day 5 the best, because you had to guess to find the correct answer! I find it really fun to win something with dumb luck!

  26. My favorite was the Day 4 Contest because i really like quizzes, and that one made me test my Club Penguin knowledge and remember some things about the game :)

  27. Well, I really liked day 8 one. I LOVE doing crosswords, it’s pretty challenging to me and the one you made was the prize! xD I liked the crossword, it took some time for me actually! 1 complete hour while other guys just took 15 mins:o Anyway, see you:)

  28. Well I like 2 of the contests the same. So my favorite contests so far was the word search puzzle (Day 8), but I forgot to finish the puzzle! Also I also liked the CP Trivia contest (Day 4)! Its cool how In the trivia I NEVER used anything, I just used my brain!
    -Wwe Vs Wwf

  29. The one I liked the most was the 15 questions! Even though I got like 5-6 wrong it was fun answering them without doing any research and it also brought me many memories!

  30. I liked the one where we had to gave you a waving penguin saying “Hi Trainman” because its wonderful to say you hi!!!

    [removed for privacy – thanks!]

  31. I think my favorite is the one were you had to guess what section you were in. I like taking random questions than I get them right. lol. That is cool.

    ~ Pup1one

  32. Hi Trainman1405,

    I liked Day 8 the best. The word search wasn’t too difficult but not too easy either.

    Could you make a Spot the Difference task? They are lots of fun.



  33. As lots of other people, my favorite was day 8.
    I liked it because, I’m fairly good at mental thinking, and it would probably take longer than the rest.
    I didn’t get to do it though, because I forgot to check the website.

  34. My favourite contest was the day 5, because you would have 1/4 chances to win, i mean you didn’t have to answer a quiz or complete a puzzle, this is the best thing to do in a contest in my opinion ;)

  35. My favourite one was the trivia, as it challenged me a lot, but I found the answers in the end, by filling in the ones I knew and asking the CP Wikia people, thank you! x

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