Club Penguin Memories – 24 Days Of Contests Starts December 1st + Giveaway Today! (now over)

Some of you may recall my 12 Days Of Contests last year, in which I bought twelve different codes and gave twelve chances for everyone to enter to try to win. I am doing that again this year, however I am double the amount you can win. That’s right, instead of twelve codes I am giving out twenty four. If you’re wondering how I’m able to afford this without a job, it’s because of the advertisements on my websites. When they’re clicked I’ll make a few cents, and that adds up overtime. I don’t make tons of money from my websites, but I’m fine with that. With the money I earn from you guys I am able to give back in the form of these giveaways. Over the past few months I’ve been buying Club Penguin toys when I can to stock up and now have all twenty four codes ready! Please make sure you read this whole post before asking any questions, as I will be trying to answer any you might have in this post. There are also details about the giveaway being held on Friday (November 30th) towards the bottom of this post. It is a little last minute, however it is the only time I am available to do it.


Between Saturday, December 1st and Monday, December 24th I will have some sort of task each for you to complete. Anyone that completes the task correctly (or whatever it is I require) will have their name entered into the drawing for that specific day. I’ll then pick one lucky person to win whatever prize is up for grabs on that day. Tasks include things such as:

  • Simply commenting on the post for that day
  • Trivia questions
  • Tweeting a specified tweet (you must be age 13 or older for a Twitter account, so I will not make this the task too often)
  • Posting bits of the code throughout the day, or at once at a certain time
  • Puzzles
  • Etc (if you have other suggestions feel free to tell me them in the comments below!)

Tasks can and will be repeated on different days.

Every day at exactly midnight PST (Penguin Standard Time), starting December tomorrow, a new post will automatically be published on the website listing the task you need to do in order to be entered for that day. You will then have a grand total of twenty four (24) hours to complete that given task before entries are no longer accepted for that day, as the next day’s task will then be published. Be sure you read each post over carefully to make sure you do everything so your entry will be counted!

Also: The contest posts will not be pinned to the top of Club Penguin Memories under “Latest Post”. So depending on what time of the day you visit Club Penguin Memories you might have to scroll down a bit to look for it!

I’m not going to say what it is I have up for grabs exactly, however I do have the following on hand:

  • Coin codes
  • Card-Jitsu codes
  • One month membership codes
  • A Club Penguin Game Day OR Elite Penguin Force DS game code (which code should I give away?)
  • Who knows, maybe other codes too such as one week memberships or Innocent Smoothies?

Now to sum everything up:

  • There will be one task a day you need to complete between the days of December 14th and December 25th
  • You have 24 hours to enter each one (12:00 AM to 11:59 PM)
  • 24 codes are up for grabs (one per day)
  • There will be different tasks

Be sure you put in your (real) email when submitting a comment so I can contact you and give you the code if you win!

Also: Cheating is strictly forbidden. No entering under multiple names, etc. I do reserve the right to disqualify you if I suspect cheating. Cheating does not get you banned from all contests. For example, if I suspect you cheated on day 4, you will not be entered for that day however you can still enter on day 5, day 6, and so on. (but don’t cheat!) I will not notify you if I suspect you of cheating. Just play fair like everyone else! There are plenty of chances to win.

I also want to mention that Disney/Club Penguin or anyone else is not a sponsor of this contest. All of the codes have been purchased with my own money and were not given to me for free or at a lower price by anyone, they were purchased from different stores such as the online Disney Store and Target.

Winners will all be announced on the 25th of December. If I need to postpone the announcement of the winners I will without warning but will mention it somewhere, however I do not see anything that could mess me up unless I was out of town or did not have internet. Winners will all be randomly drawn and can win more than once. You can enter once per day, meaning you can have up to 24 entries. (1 x 24)


This is a little last minute and I apologise, however I wanted to have a free for all giveaway. Right around 5:00 PM PST (check the clock tower on Club Penguin at the Snow Forts or just search “Time Kelowna, Canada” on Google and it will tell you) a new post will appear at the top of the website listing several codes. I will NOT be providing time zone translation for this giveaway, so you are on your own. On Twitter I will be tweeting from time to time “____ more hours!” to let everyone know as a friendly reminder.

Some of the codes will work, while others will not. (they’ll either be randomly typed/faked by me or previously redeemed) It’s just luck, really. You won’t know which code(s) are the right one(s) that can be redeemed. I suggest you have Club Penguin’s membership redemption and coin code redemption pages ready beforehand!

Now, who’s ready to have some fun? I know I am!

96 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories – 24 Days Of Contests Starts December 1st + Giveaway Today! (now over)

  1. So for the giveaway on Novermeber 30th we just enter the codes you give us some will be real some not. And that’s all right?

  2. Is this lol or what?


    It was made by me, I took it as a chance to make Herbert look stupid, he must be having a bad fur day. Make it viral…

  3. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend today’s code giveaway as I will be at a friend’s house, however that is okay considering I have way too many codes and I’m not in need of one (plus there are others who want one more then me). Good luck to everyone for today’s contest and the 24 days!

  4. Train? Can you please just make it so that somebody enters a comment and you choose randomly who wins and send them the code by e mail? I think that’s more fair because some people live in different time zones and cannot be on this site at certain times (like school hours or night time)So, I think its more equal if you choose a random comment and send them the code.


    You could tell us you would be on ____ server in ______ room at ____ P.S.T. and you would be standing around saying a key phrase there. People would comment on the page by saying the key phrase. Then they would get put in the drawing!

  6. Id like Innocent Smoothie codes. And I choose Game Day considering I have the Elite Penguin Force game and entered my own code. Btw train, how will we get the codes?

  7. OH MY GOSH but I don’t have a twitter account,I’m only 11 years old,I don’t really like it very much since I’m only in the fifth grade oh well but anyway awesome!!! I’m gonna enter I most certainly will NOT cheat I hate hackers and cheaters they are so mean.

  8. This is perfect for me.I am in PST a.k.a PST :p.So 5 is just fine.Sorry for all you people who are in time zones when your sleeping or at school.

  9. Hey Train, do you watch X Factor?

    I do, and I’m so bummed that Paige was eliminated :( She and Vino are out, but Emblem 3 and Cece are still in -.-

  10. I have an idea:
    Guess the character! You describe several characters and people need to guess who they are. Example: I like using the jump rope, you can take me to Aqua Grabber. Answer: Pink Puffle.
    Then they get harder, such as:
    I first appeared in 2009 during a party in January. Answer: Cadence.

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