Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 7

For those of you wondering, yesterday’s puzzle as a picture of the Town. Congratulations to those of you who guessed correctly!

Day 7 of 24 for the Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 is now here! Starting from the moment this post is published (December 7, 2012 at midnight PST) you will have exactly 24 hours (until 11:59 PM PST of the same day) to enter to try to win the code up for grabs today. The task is different than other days, so make sure you read instructions in each post carefully!

The task for day 7 is to say how long ago you started visiting Club Penguin Memories! The prize up for grabs for day 7 is: two weeks of membership. Any entries for this day after 11:59 PM PST will not count. Instead, enter on day 8 once it is published.

Do not cheat, such as by entering multiple times under different names. Make sure you include your email address when submitting a comment (either in the email box or in your comment) so I can give you the code if you win! Good luck to each and every one of you! Remember, all 24 winners will be announced on the 25th of December. You can reference this post anytime for the full giveaway contests information. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me via email or Twitter at any time.

123 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 7

  1. I only recently started visiting CP Memories. It was before Septemer and before the Superhero Party, so around maybe May.


  2. I have only known about this blog for about two months now but i LOVE it and think it is by fare the best cp blog out there! I read every post you add via my email

  3. I started attending the CP Memories after a friend of mine told me about it very well, and that friend was Aamelo. Today I visit the site every day to see what’s new in CP. I think the first time I came to visit the CP Memories was in June of this year, or April.

  4. I started coming to this website in early December 2011. I earlier used to go to but I was not satisfied with it. So I made a change for the better.
    And also while it is happy 5 years of cpmemories, for me it is exactly one year as of this comment.

  5. i had started visiting by a two years ago
    and i liked this site

    but i could not comment on your site because i had no e-mail id

  6. I started visiting CP Memories about a year and a half ago, (July 2011) I was googling CP cheats and your page came up as most recent post.

  7. I started to play Clubpenguin on January 2011 and i really dont know anything about Cp.So one of my friend recommend me a amazing blog >> Club Penguin Memories :D ! This blog was soo helpful for me!Every week i will never miss to check out your blog for the new field-ops,pin and not forget,the latest updates too!!I really want to thank to you for this wonderful blog!I will pray to god for you to be successful in blogging on the future :) ! Anyways Happy 5th Anniversary for Club penguin Memories ! I really love this blog :) i hope one day my penguin will become the Penguin of the Week on your blog :D Thanks ;)! (if i send this twice im sorry because the page was blanked when i sent this the first time.So i send this the second time) :)

  8. my e-mail: [removed for privacy – thanks!]
    Hey! I started visitng Club Penguin Memories about 2 years ago! I really liked it because there were great cheats and theories and stuff for new penguins! I also entered 12 Days of Christmas last year, but sadly I didn’t win anything :-( I hope I will win this year!

  9. For About ! year or more, as I wasn’t visiting Club Penguin sites before, I discovered Saraapril’s blog then yours.

  10. I visit this site since the Piczo stage. In 2010-2011 I didn’t really visited the site, but then I saw you have turned it into a blog, so since October 2011, I visit it daily.

  11. I started going on here when I heard about it this year(about 5 months ago)Then i realized how awesome this place was.

  12. Hmm I don’t know, but I think I started visiting it in July 2012 and soon I was visiting it everyday. I thought the site was so complete, it was what I was looking for :)

  13. Hi Train! I visited CP Memories first, probably, um, back in March 2010. Yes, around then, about 1 and three quarter years after joining CP!

  14. Hey train man I started to vist your site in 2007 and I really love your site. Thanks again -jake1 and my email is [removed for privacy – thanks] thanks! For a awesome site

  15. I started visiting this site back in 2010 I loved it and it inspired me to make my own wevbsite back in August 2012. I think I started the 5th anniversary of club penguin being purchased by Disney. My name is Crzypengu and my email is [removed for privacy – thanks], thank you.

  16. 4 months, 1 week exactly today. i cant belive it’s been that long! I started club penguin a year ago simetime in november.

  17. I first visited when it was a piczo site around June 2008. I asked you if I could help you find old pictures and you said yes :D

  18. Actually, I can’t really remember when I started viewing this epic site. It must of been sometime back with Perapin :) I’d say ~ about a year ago maybe.

  19. I started around June 2011! It was awesome! I started looking at thing you posted but that others blogs didn’t!
    And yes, I dumped CPCP for your sire xD I usually check CPCP until i found about CPM! :)

  20. I started joining about around 2010 to 2011. I instantly loved the site. It’s been amazing ever since, and I always visit everyday at every hour just to see if theres a new post. Well done with your site, Trainman1405.

  21. I remember it was in August 2011, cause I have bookmarked your site and it still begins with “Club Penguin Great Sn…” meaning that you’ve been bookmarked since then ;-)

  22. Well, i wanted a new cp cheats site that was better than all the others after they let me down! I came to the right place in August.

  23. I can’t remember exactly. It was during the Pixzo era, I think in VERY early 2010? (January or February). I have been a huge fan ever since :D

  24. I began visiting CPM something like the beginning of this year. I used to be a regular visitor to CPCW, but now I have ditched them :P

    PS. Nice redesign, almost as major to something on CP!

  25. I visited CP Memories since April or May of this same year, year 2012.

    P.S. Trainman, I tried to access your website yesterday but it said it was on maintenance and couldn’t enter, since this contest is from yesterday, can I STILL participate even though its Day 8 right now?

  26. I first came here last September when I was looking for a Rookie tracker that well… worked. After that I went to the site a lot and then bookmarked it.

  27. I’ve been visiting Club Penguin Memories on the WordPress host since April 2011. Your Piczo site, on the other hand, I visited it [often] in June 2010.

  28. I began visiting in October 2011, though I wish I had known about it sooner. Probably the best and most reliable Club Penguin blog out there.

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