Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 24

Day 24 of 24 for the Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 is now here! Starting from the moment this post is published (December 24, 2012 at midnight PST) you will have exactly 24 hours (until 11:59 PM PST of the same day) to enter to try to win the code up for grabs today. The task is different than other days, so make sure you read the instructions carefully! This is the final contest!

Because this is the final day and the prize is different I want to make it easy so all of you who want to enter can. Just comment below answering the following question:

Did you enjoy the 24 days of contests, and if so, why? And if I am still blogging this time next year, should I do it again?

The prize up for grabs for day 24 is: a Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge Code! (from the Nintendo DS game) Any entries for this day after 11:59 PM PST will not count. Do not cheat, such as by entering multiple times. Make sure you include your email address when submitting a comment (either in the email box or in your comment) so I can give you the code if you win! Good luck to each and every one of you! Remember, all 24 winners will be announced on the 25th of December. Winners are randomly selected in a drawing. You can reference this post anytime for the full giveaway contests information. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me via email or Twitter at any time.

135 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 24

  1. Yes, I enjoyed it because I got to test my Club Penguin trivia and participate in lots of activities. Yes, you should definitely do it again next year.

  2. I really Enjoyed the 24 Days Of Contests because I didn’t enter all of them but They were very fun. I think you should do it again It would be so fun

  3. Yes i enjoyed the 24 days of the contest, because you gave us a chance to win something not to obtain. I mean its better to win something than to just buy it!! And yes you should continue blogging because you are the best blogger and i think this will be ur job in the futur cause ur really good at it!
    I hope i win!

  4. Yes, i did enhoy the 24 days of contests because everyday u got a small chance of winning a code :3
    And i hope u stay blogging about clubpenguin in 2013 cuz u’re my favorite blog, when i wake up i always see if i recieved anny “new post notifications” from u :3 and then i read them all x) I love this blog

  5. i really enjoy the 24 days of contest.because the challenges are fun and sometimes challenging!.I think you should do it again next year!

  6. Hello Trainman1405, I really enjoyed them a lot because of the challenges and the best one was the spot the differences which was a bit hard but challenging! You did great job, and I hope you do same next year. :)

  7. Hello Trainman1405, I really enjoyed them a lot because of the challenges and the best one was the spot the differences which was a bit hard but challenging! You did great job, and I hope you do same next year. :)

  8. I enjoyed your giveaway because it made the Christmas more fun trying to keep getting the codes and also coming back to your website each day to see if I could win

  9. Yes, i loved them. For all of yous out there who’ve been doing the 24 days of giveaways, i say we should get Train a present ;)

    I like it because it gave us a chance to teat our CP knowledge!

    I think you should do it again. I hope you never leave :)


  10. Of course I did! I checked the blog every day because of it! I was fantastic and I hope I win! And Yes! You need to do it next year. Please do not quit blogging! Your blog is superb. Merry Christmas Trainman and everybody else~Levandoski

  11. Yes! I enjoyed it because a lot of the tasks were fin and challenging and gave me an extra little something to do on Club Penguin! And yes you should totally do it again :D

  12. I did not enjoy your 24 days of contests. This was your worst idea ever and this really made me to be less supportive for you. Honestly I believe last year it was better! You failed this time Trainman.

    I hope you are blogging next year around this time and do it again, but not like this. THIS WAS AWFUL. Not because I didn’t win anything, but the whole idea was bad.

  13. Yeah, I believe the contest has been very challenging, especially for those who can’t buy codes or memberships by themselves because of various reasons – either they don’t live in the countries they are sold, either can’t afford, etc. I guess winning at a contest like this makes a great holiday gift for any penguin, so be sure this blog will make some penguins happy :D I also appreciate the idea of making money using advertisements – nice of you to spend those money on holding a contest :)
    Happy Holidays and thank you for organizing such a contest XD

  14. This contest was really fantastic! It was full of prizes and full of fun!
    You should blogging next year! Your blog is awesome and I’m checking it every day!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  15. Train, starting off, I just wanna say that you are the BEST. BLOGGER. EVER. You buy merchandise with your money and then give us the codes. That’s awesome. I enjoy these code giveaways very much and I hope you do this again next year.
    (Note: I did not say all this to butter you up so that you could give me the code.)

  16. yes they were fun and sometimes challenging and u should do it next year because it gives people a chance to win great items p.s. trainman u r a role model to us all :)

  17. I really enjoyed it because it was fun to enter,with the cool challenges. I also would love to win a coin code or membership code because I haven’t been a member for a long time and only for like 2 weeks with the german site thing,and i never have gotten a coin code. And YES! You should do it again! If I won a couple of times i will enter less times so other penguins get a chance.

  18. I really enjoyed this contest as you’re able to compete against other people to win a prize. I also liked it because of all of the prizes you’re buying us. Your so generous Train.

  19. Yes I think this was a blast and I think that with this you got more views, although you would have many even if you wouldn’t have done this… I think that you should totally do it next year also, but it might cost you a bit… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY!!!

  20. I really loved them, they allowed everyone to enter and win, and it was exciting that we didn’t know who won until tomorrow! If you are still blogging (which you better be!) then I would do them again next year, because some people might have just missed this year’s!

  21. I enjoy it because it’s a contest, and i’m competitive, and i got to answer questions i never taught i will answer. You should defenently do it again, and I hope you never stop blogging.:)

  22. Of course this is a great contest, you should do it again next year, so, I enjoyed it. I hope you are blogging still next year as you are a great blogger. My tip to you is to continue blogging, not necessary Club Penguin Cheats but continue working on blogs like Interest Buzz.


  23. Yes,because i get to enter contests and win prizes without paying a single cent.If you are blogging next year,you should do it again.

  24. Fun as always. It was an “adventure” to enter daily on your website to search for the contest, and to hope its’ task was easy. I am sure you will blog next year too because I consider that this blog is the world’s best (and it really is). Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR FULL OF JOY! :)

  25. I have loved the 24 days of gifts and I find it so kind of you to buy all this stuff and then give it to everyone else for FREE! The best part for me is trying to figure out which room is what. I loved that challenge and I was really sad that I wasn’t able to enter every day. If you do it next year, I have no idea how you could improve as it is so epic. But maybe add a Christmas Day prize as well instead of 24 be 25. Thanks trainman for doing this!!!

  26. I enjoyed the fact that there wasn’t just one type of contest, we did Triva quizzes to guess the room etc etc. I think u should do it again nxt year train, as even if u don’t win I certainly know I enjoyed doing the different contests :)

  27. I really enjoyed! I like puzzels and riddels about CP, and I like daily challenges :) I think you should make it next year if you continue blogging! Maybe make it annual ;)

  28. I really did enjoy 24 day of contests because you can win prize and it fun! Yes you should do it next year I hope your still blogging then!

  29. I loved the banter that had: D That next year they will be better prepared and better as something involving the SITE itself (Sorry for my english, I’m brazilian)

  30. I just had one chance to join in this contest and that was on the day 9 contest. I really enjoyed this contest because it only happens one time in a year! I would really love to join in the 24 days of contest, but unfortunately we don’t have internet and I’m busy at school at the same time. I need to go to internet cafe just to play club penguin and to join in some contest . If you are still blogging next year, It would really be nice for all if you will do this contest again next year. My penguin don’t have much that item’s and he also don’t have a membership since then so I think my penguin should get this code for this christmas. If I win in this contest, this would be my best gift this christmas also for my penguin that will celebrate his two years playing in the club penguin. Thanks.

  31. Yeah,I enjoy the 24 days of the contest because it was easy and fun how the task for today was this easy and you should blog this time next year because the people who didn’t get to win the year get to win the next year and thank you for the funnest time of the year thank you Trainman1405 I’m your friend on Clubpenguin

  32. I enjoyed the 24 days of contests because there were so many prizes and the contests were easy so everyone had a good chance :)

  33. yes, I enjoyed it although there were some hard ones, that’s what made it kinda fun. If you are still blogging next year you should do it again. Also why would you not be blogging next year, your like the only good blogger for club penguin out there anyways.

  34. I loved your idea this was my first year participating and would like to participate in the following years. Thank you for the chance to win codes to unlock items online on the island of Club Penguin.

  35. e-mail: [removed for privacy, thanks!]
    YES! I loved 24 days of contest 2012 because tasks were funny and easy. i know you made them easy because you want everyone to win. you should have this kind of contest next year, too!

  36. I loved the Contest alor, but alot of them I couldnt really enter because I didnt have the right programs, or my vision wasnt that good, but overall It was nice and I liked how many chances we got. Thanks for using your money to give away so many gifts to all your fans.

  37. I did enojoy because you gave all of us an opportunity to win codes, with fun games and activities.
    Of course you should do it again! It is amazing and im sure if you dont many penguins will ask for the contests

  38. I loved it because it gives everyone a pretty fair shot at winning a code and yes you should do it again next year because like I said its very fair and everyone gets a chance.

  39. This was my first year and I loved it becuz it was CP related tasks and something new everyday to look forward to. I think you should definitely do this again next year. Merry Christmas Train and thanks for hosting such a fun contest with generous prizes. : )

  40. I liked the 24 Days of Christmas, however, some of the contests seemed to get a bit boring after a while. But, yes you should bring it back next year!

  41. Yes i did a lot because it was fun guessing where you were hiding and the word search was fun too. I hope you can do this next year I really did love this and I would love for you to do it next year

  42. Yeah, I enjoyed it very much, although I didn’t join from the beginning. I enjoyed it because of the chance to win a prize – in my country the only CP merchandise sold are plush toys, jumbo puffles and keyholder puffles, so I can’t buy a membership or anything else and your competitions give me a chance for a code. And yeah, you should definitely do it again next year if you are still blogging :D!

  43. Yes, not just because you have good post you are the most friendly friend a penguin can ever can! And yes, the 24 days of contest was the best because we get to talk about how awesome and epic and super you are! EMAIL: [removed for privacy – thanks!]

  44. I enjoyed your contests Trainman. Especially the crossword puzzles. I liked the contests because you are giving your codes to people who need them. If you are blogging next year, you should because then more people get what they couldn’t get.

  45. I loved this! I thought it was great because you were so generous and gave these codes away. If you are still blogging this time next year(fingers crossed) I would love it if you did this . The main reason I loved this is that there was a chance for me to gain club penguin codes for free and you gave fun club penguin activities and challenges. Thank to so much!

  46. I loved the 24 days of contests because it gives me the chance to learn some stuff about Club Penguin i didnt know. Next year you should do this again.

  47. Yes, I enjoyed the contests, because they were so great and to think a lot, and I think you should continue blogging because your blog is super cool, and should come back next year with giveaways contests.
    Go ahead friend!

  48. I enjoyed the 24 days of contests, because the challenges you had were fun. do this again, trainman. i’ll be looking forward to it.

  49. I enjoyed the 24 days of contests because it gives Club Penguin players a chance the win codes for their account, because some penguins have never bought a membership or merchandise and want one (because there are tons of us who have some and they want to know what it is like). If you are blogging next year, I think you should do it again. Your site’s popularity is increasing and not all of us are members, and not all of us have ever used a code before, so those who haven’t (as there may be more next year) get a chance next year.
    I’m not sure how much sense that made, but if you understood it, good. If you didn’t, the answers I said were ‘yes because it gives penguins chances’ and ‘yes because penguins want more chances’. :)

  50. I enjoyed the 24 days of contests A LOT because you were generous enough to use your own money to buy codes for other people to have a chance to win at. I think you should keep blogging because it lets you share your Club Penguin knowledge.

  51. I personally loved the 24 Days of Contests! For one, I’m sure you’d be blogging this time next year: any viewer of Club Penguin Memories could clearly see how much you love Club Penguin! But back to the topic, I loved it because there was lots of different things to do: from commenting to uploading! I hope you do do this next year,but don’t push yourself if you don’t have the time or money: you already to enough by giving us all of Club Penguin’s updates :)

    -Blue 28z

  52. I loved it! It helped me know things about CP I did not know! You should be still blogging in all the years Train, xD! Of course (If you want to)…

  53. Yes, because it was fun to enter do all the challenges. If you’re still blogging I think you should maybe advertise more? Or maybe make a Youtube channel that you update daily.

  54. Yes I loved the contests and I hope to see it again next year as it was so much fun to solve puzzles. My name is Crzypengu and my email is [removed for privacy], thanks. I wish I could win a code as I never won anything in my life.

  55. Yes i enjoyed 24 days of contests 2012! I enjoyed it becoz this time it was double the fun from last time and with so many fun contests :’-D I really enjoyed the guess the zoom pictures contests!! I feel sad how this contest has gone far away quickly !! And yes, you should do it again next year :-) if u don’t have codes to giveaway then just host it for fun! I’ll be waiting… Until then waddle on!

    -Azeemsky :-)

  56. I really enjoyed this Trainman1405. Thanks so much for doing it. It is a great idea to make penguins work a little for the codes instead of just handing them out randomly. You site looks great, and keep up on the good work. If you could then I think it would be a great idea to do it again next year. As long as you have the codes you need ready before hand. :)

    Thanks again,


  57. I loved your idea of DOUBLING the days from last year! I hope everyone has an AMAZING and I hope Everyone can at least be happy for one and other that some one won something!

    (I hope I win something too XD)

  58. I enjoyed it because you did go out and spent hard earned cash and you had the heart and soul to give away the codes from the merchandise you purchased, that means you now probably have 3 of every single piece of merchandise Club Penguin ever released.
    You will be blogging this time next year (I won’t let you go) and you shouldn’t do 24 days of contests again, do 36 days of contests! But then you’ll probably go bankrupt from buying so much merchandise. xD

  59. I definitely enjoyed the 24 days of contests, because anyone could enter most days. You should definitely do them again next year (but make less contests that involve posting images on websites please).

  60. IDEA! When announcing the winners, do it in a poem, like

    On the first day on Contests, Trainman1405 gave to Dj Stores, a coin code.
    On the second day of Contests, Trainman1405 gave to Dj Stores, a membership code.

  61. I did enjoy the 24 days of contests because it was a chance for everyone to win a prize! You should continue blogging! ;3 ~Blue5747

  62. I enjoyed the contest very much, as it not only was fun, but people can win prizes, too! Thanks for having this contest, I hope you do it again in the future.

  63. I enjoyed the 24 days of contests not so much because of the codes that were given out as prizes, but more because it gave everyone a chance to get into the Holiday spirit and also allowed me to test out and expand my CP knowledge in a fun way :3 I think you should definitely try to do it again next year, seeing how everyone looks forward to participating in the contests each day. Happy Holidays!

  64. Yes! I loved the 24 Days of Contests, they were extremely fun to do. I especially loved the word searches and trivia! You should totally do it again, and new readers of your amazing blog in 2013 can try out the fun! Don’t stop blogging, Train, keep it up!

  65. Yes, totally! It was awesome, I really enjoyed doing each day tasks (even though I didn’t participated in some days task’s xD). It was really fun to answer the trivia question!

    And, ” And if I am still blogging this time next year, should I do it again?”

  66. i have enjoyed these contests as they are a fun thing to do.and what do you mean by if im blogging at this time of the year,you are one of the best club penguin yes you should continue this next year.

  67. I liked the contests because it is something new and very, very exciting! I really liked this and I hope you to it again! It is a great way to lead up the holidays!

  68. Of course!! I enjoyed every SINGLE day of the 24 days of contest. Why? Well it’s so fun doing the tasks! my most favorite one is the “Guess what part of this room is from” tasks. And yes Please do it again next year! So other penguins can enjoy this too!

  69. Hi trainman1405
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your 24 days of holiday giveaways. They were fun, challenging, interesting, intriguing, exciting and what I liked most was the quality of your questions every day. If you are still blogging next year trainman I will be looking forward to all of your giveaway contests and I will definitely be doing them again as they were great questions that always makes me wonder how one could think of these awesome questions!

  70. I enjoyed the 24 days contest! Some tasks were fun to make or guess them, I didn’t participate in all of them because I want other people to win something, but at least I hope I can win one code ;) you should keep doing this kind of contests :D everyone loves it. And obviously you are one of the most famoust bloggers, you should keep posting.

  71. of course I love this contest, we get free codes and we have wait and see if we get chosen for a code. it’s so exciting! if you’re still blogging and you want those extra hits, then yes. but you could always save this money up and buy yourself something. happy holidays

  72. I really enjoyed this giveaway because it wasn’t tricky like all those other giveaways and yes, you should do it next year if you’re still blogging!

  73. I liked it, except for the fact that MOST OF MY COMMENTS DIDNT EVEN APPEAR YET. Yes you should do it next year (if you’re still blogging? WHAT?) but only if you will be acccepting peoples comments faster – like, get someone to help you.

  74. From the deep of my heart,first i would like to thanked you Trainman :)! You’re soo amazing and you have a kind heart to do a giveaway for xmas with the money that you’ve earned from blogging. :)! I love your 24 days of giveaways sooo much!!I enjoyed it to the maximum :D And this is because you gave a chance for everyone to participate and win something for our penguins. :)Not only that,now i know how to solve riddles,i know about the history of Cp and more..And all this is because of your 24 days of giveaways Trainman!! No words to describe you!! Really! I’ll pray to God that next year you must continue blogging and do more giveaways :D! I dont know wheter i got win in these 24 days contest’s but i really appreciate you Trainman! :D ! Thanks forr everything,Trainman! :D You Rockz !! :D I hope that you will still continue this giveaways next year. :)

  75. I really liked the 24 days of contests. They made me search more about Club Penguin and learn new things, have some fun every day and have the chance to win something. Next year you should definitely do more of this contests. I hope I won something :)

  76. I liked the 24 days of contests, here’s why: penguins that can’t afford coin codes finally have a chance to actually win one. You should do it again, therefore making 24 more penguins happy.

  77. yes, because being a non-member i cant get many items and this is a easy way to get some
    yess but only if you have enough money from the ads ;)
    thx so much 4 doing this!!!

  78. Yes I did enjoy them, some were tricky and some were easy but overall the were really fun! I got all mad when I left one day for later and then I forgot, but luckily I hope I can win something:) Yes you should blog, your posts are so detailed and fast, you take only minutes when Club Penguin releases something, your blog is like a newspaper I go to everyday to catch something new! Yeah, see ya!

  79. Yes i enjoyed the 24 days of contest and you should definately do it again next year. The 24 days contest was a funfull event for me because of the different and exiting things to do everyday.

  80. Yeh! Its Cool and Awesome! I didn’t join the other contest because its Hard. You should Do it again! i can wait for the Next Contest! :D

  81. i did enjoy it because it makes penguins think club penguin is really good so more penguins come and spread the word so more penguins can come and help make it a better place.yes you should do it again

  82. I love the contest andyou definetly FOR SURE do it again next year! Idk the best part…. But I really apreciaye the money you put into these givaways and I hope I win one! :) keep up the GREAT work!

  83. Yes! This is the best part of the 24 days of contests! You should bring it back next year! The saying, “Christmas is a time of giving” is the real message of this contest. Waddle on!

  84. yeah, i really liked it, because you’re giving a chance to all penguins who can’t have toys or memberships, and yeah you should do this again next year, i mean this contest also gives you more fans

  85. Yes I really enjoyed the 24 days of Christmas giveaway. It was a really nice and fun way of spreading some joy during the holidays! You should definitely do it again next year.

  86. I Loved The 24 Days Of Contests Because It’s So Generous of You To Give Out All These Prizes, And They Say Christmas Is About ‘Giving’ Not ‘Getting’ So It’s Really Kind Of You:) I Think You Should Do It Again, Because People Love Codes, I Hope You’re Still Blogging Next Year Because You Are Amazing At It:)

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