Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 2

Day 2 of 24 for the Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 is now here! Starting from the moment this post is published (December 2, 2012 at midnight PST) you will have exactly 24 hours (until 11:59 PM PST of the same day) to enter to try to win the code up for grabs today. The task is different than other days, so make sure you read instructions in each post carefully!

The task for day 2 is to simply leave at least one comment on this post saying what your favourite clothing item on Club Penguin is and why you like it so much. The prize up for grabs for day two is: a card-jitsu code. Any entries for this day after 11:59 PM PST will not count. Instead, enter on day 3 once it is published!

Do not cheat as you will be disqualified. Make sure you include your email address when submitted a comment so I can give you the code! Good luck to each and every one of you! Remember, all 24 winners will be announced on the 25th of December. You can reference this post anytime for all of the information. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me at any time.

244 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 2

  1. My fav clothing item in CP is the glasses you get in the EPF gear because in real life i want glasses and
    I can have them in CP. second fav is prob Jet Pack coz i love jpg


  2. My favorite clothing item are the 3D glasses because I always want have a 3D glasses on real life and is cool that I have one in CP :D

  3. My favorite clothing item would have to be the Green Running Shoes! I think they are the coolest looking shoes the Club Penguin has released, they have not come back since 2008, and I wear them with every one of my looks, basically I never take them off :D

  4. I love scarves on Club Penguin! They look wonderful and my penguin don’t feel cold! They’re perfect for winter! My favourite color is blue so I prefer Blue Scarf. Waddle on!

  5. My favourite clothing item on Club Penguin is the Green Viking Helmet(which I have)because it looks really cool and it’s awesome how there are lots of different varieties of viking helmets you can wear! It’s one of my favorite items!

  6. my favorite clothing items are the christmas clothings as its around christmas and every year these few days r the most lucky and precious for me !!

  7. My favourite clothing item has to be the lighthouse shirt it’s really rare! Plus it’s got amazing bright colours on it, really unique… Clubpenguin has tried to do the same design and different colours, but the lighthouse shirt will always win! Hopefully they bring it back.

  8. My overall favorite item is the Red Hard Hat (CPIP hat). I actually participated in CPIP. It was one of my favorite events EVER in Club Penguin. That’s why I like it so much. It is one of my most prized possessions. :)

  9. Hi Trainman! For me, I like the Customizable Hoodie because you can customize it on your own,it is always IN style and It is unique above all other clothes! (I’m a Non-Member)

  10. I like the cookie custome which was one of the gifts in the holiday party of last year in the forest! I like it because whenever I look at it I feel like i wanna eat it. It’s really cute, funny, and for sure delecious so if you are going to wear it, make sure not to let me see you as I will be eating your penguin directly! :P

  11. my favorite item is the “Geta Sandals” from the dojo opening in 2008 :)
    the reason why it is my favorite item is because of these reasons :
    – it was my first item i got on my inventory.
    – it reminds me to the fun of digging out the dojo, waiting for hours until the new game was released :3 and it was so much fun to help the other penguins to :3 good old memories =)

  12. my favorite clothing item is my item that i always where the flare jacket it is just awesome because i was one of the previous epf agents b4 the explosion and mmy favorite elite puffle is flare. -fox out

  13. my favorite clothing item is the waddle on hoodie because for me it looks cool and it fits my my hair item(the side swept)and my face item(mask)

  14. My favourite item is the rainbow puffle shirt of the puffle party 2011, because I think it is the only item that repersents all puffle colors, and besides it looks good on the average penguin!

  15. i like the propeller hat mostly
    as it is fun like i can be like a flying penguin

    i would be happy to even know yours train

  16. My favorite clothing item is the Snowflake costume because is the only item that makes you look like a white penguin.

  17. I love the Maganta Sunset Hoodie so much and this is because the Hoodie have a nice colour tone from dark to bright.Moreover,
    This Hoodie also have a cool hair so i don’t need to wear a extra wig ♥ ! And it is also rare and the Hoodie suits for every party on Cp :-) This is why i love the Hoodie soo much

  18. Hmmm… I would have to say my favorite clothing item would definately be the Tie-Dye Shirt, as it is a cool T-Shirt that is quirky, and makes me stand out from the crowd.

  19. Hi, my favorite clothing item is the orange hoodie, because orange is my favorite color, and I think the hoodie is simple, but also beautiful, and it fits well in any penguin, matches with a lot of items and can be used in a lot of different situations, such as a Holiday Party, or simply a party at someone’s igloo.

  20. Train is the purple boom box a clothing item? If yes i like the the purple boom box because i like dancing and my penguin can break dance while hes dancing with it and the moves he does are awesome and thank you cp for making the boom box oh and my favorite color is purple so thats why i like the purple boom box.

  21. I like the UK hoodie as me and my old CP friend used to use it and we used it as friendshi hoodies :'( he doesnt go on cp anymore,i really miss him. Sometimes I still wear the hoodie for him :)

  22. My favorite item is the puffle costume especially the red one. It was awesome to walk my red puffle wearing it. I love the way club penguin allowed penguins to become almost puffles by wearing it.

  23. My all-time favorite clothing item is my winged viking helmet because it was my first item ever gotten. I got it in 2009 I got it on the same day my penguin was created:September 9, 2009. It is also my pen

    • -Guin’s logo. It is very unique and I like the colors :) Sorry my other comment got cut off. I accidentally pressed the post comment button before I was done.

  24. I like the item head The Tuned In and NEVER shot him the head of my penguin or for parties and nothing! I really like the item because it is perfect and fits in my profile and moreover is super stylish!

  25. I’d have to say my favorite item is the yellow hard hat. I never had any clothes besides Christmas clothes in 2008, so I asked for a Club Penguin toy. When I got one I got a hardhat first because I wanted to tip the iceberg

  26. Hi Train! Who won the previous contest for Day 1? More to the point, if I had to pick my favourite item it would have to be the Red Stylin’ Jacket which is currently in the Treasure Book – I wear it all the time and it’s so cool looking and matches my style perfectly!

  27. Probably the Christmas Scarf.. even though I don’t have it :( I like it because red and green are some of my favorite colors.. and I also like how it looks on a penguin. :D

  28. My favorite clothing Item in Club Penguin is the Reindeer Costume, and i like it so much because it represents Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in the real life

    My e-mail is: [removed – thanks!]

  29. My favorite item is the newer Santa costume from last year I like it because Santa is awesome and my favorite magical person

  30. My favorite clothing item is:The Red Hard Hat. Its EXTREMELY rare,represents that you were in the CPIP,and is part of one of my favorite costumes. It also sometimes reminds me of the good old days of my fist CP year.

  31. Hmm… mine would have to be the green bunny slippers or the stuffed bunny because bunnies are cute and I must like the items so much :3 ^O^

  32. Hi! My favorite Club Penguin item is the Sushi Tray. It is because I always loved sushi! This is how I started loving sushi. When I was about 5 or 6 my Aunt took me to a new Chinese Buffet with my mom and Grandma. I ate very little things since I did not know what was what (Now I do lol). So my mom asked me if I wanted sushi; Well, I had nothing else to eat and was kinda of hungry still so I told her “Yes!”. So she gave me a piece, I ate just 1 piece and I came in love with sushi. Then I started bothering my mom to get me more after I ate that piece. And until this day I really like sushi. (especially California Rolls).

  33. I love my fantasies Christmas because they are the most beautiful of the year, and the Christmas party means a lot to me because it was at this party that I started to play and win a subscription!!

  34. My favorite clothing item is the “I Love Puffles” shirt. I think that it’s cool because by you can appreciate those cute, furry pets by showing it off to anyone who passes by.

  35. trainaman hello, speak Portuguese, but today I’m using a translator. My favorite item of club penguin without doubt is the premium penguin gold. He was my first item free subscriber, moreover, he is beautiful, is a prize is super chic and antique, rare.
    This is my opnion and I hope you enjoy.
    Hug, one of its Brazilian readers.

  36. My favourite clothing item would be, EVERYTHING!! You can make so many different looks with all the clothing items that have been released. You can also express your personify in many different ways as well! I usually tend to wear the astral barrier T-shirt, the eye glasses, blue sneakers, the colour brown, the sun spiked wig and the hockey stick. And my second outfit would be all of that but hanging the short to the dubstep puffle shirt.

  37. Wow! This is what we were accepting from Club Penguin Memories (CPM)! Fun and easy way to enter contest! My favorite Club Penguin item is PURPLE BAT WINGS becoz it was my first item and those days, there were not so much to wear for non members & i was stick to it from Oct 2010 to Feb 2012. Then in Feb, i won a giveaway and unlocked a cool hat and from then i’m wearing purple bat wings rarely but still its my favorite item :D

  38. My favorite item has to be Gary’s 2010 Halloween BG. It’s my favorite because it was my first mascot BG I ever got, and since it was Halloween(my favorite holiday) Gary became my favorite mascot; hence making the Gary 2010 BG my favorite!

  39. My favorite is the Purple Jacket. It has been my main item for a year. It’s really stylish, and free! It’s the first code I ever used for clothing, and I had a lot of great times, when wearing it! ;)

  40. My favourite clothing item is Black Hoodie, cause I think it is very great with almost any style, though I haven’t use it recently.

  41. My favorite item on CP would be the Red Sailor Cap. I love it because I got it when I joined CP in 2008, it looks really good on penguins, and it is an uncommon item.

  42. I like the Christmas shirt, that has the tree on it because I use to wear it on my other penguin and that was the only shirt I used then I used the Christmas shirt, that has the health box and the Christmas shirt, that has the house on it.

  43. My favourite clothing item is the blue hoodie that cp released in i think early 2012. I like this so much because this was the first clothing item i unlocked with a code. I always wear it on cp.
    I hope i get the code.

  44. My fav item is the blue sneakers (from Gameday) because they show my style and i love the way they make me look with it

  45. The third anniversary hat is my favorite – it was my first party hat so it has sentimental value. The colors also go together well.

  46. i would have to say favorite is my ice cream aporn beacuse its my rarest item and it was the only item that i had that had a speacildance for a couple years

  47. My favorite clothing item is the comic sweatshirt because it suits me because I love comics a lot!
    P.S.tommorow you should make the action that you have to like and comment on one of you’re videos on YouTube!

  48. My favorite item is the black hoodie I bought when I first started club penguin It has sentimental value to me because my little brother bought one exactly like it so we could be “matchers”

  49. Hey Train. My LLAMASARECOOL account that posted was me. I used it becuz my email here wont let me on so i will use the llamasarecool account to do contest but i will use this accto post reguarlary

  50. My favourite item on CP is Squire Tunic because it is my first item on CP and it is free. Reminds me old times on CP.

  51. My favorite clothing item is my 5th anniversary hat, because that was when I first started playing Club Penguin and it brings back good memories :)

  52. My favorite item is the Keytar. It’s always been such a cool item and I’ve always wanted it the most. It’s so detailed and it would be fun to play with it in a band :) And if you need my email its [removed – thanks!] xP

  53. My favorite item is The Springy Santa Hat because it was the first item I got at my first party which was Holiday Party 2011

  54. My favourite clothing item are probably Aviator Sunglasses as I have them in almost every outfit.

    None of other glasses look like this pair, they have either thick frame or some funny colour. This one I’d wear in reality if I had them.

  55. The Yeti costume is my favorite clothing item, beacause of 3 reasons:
    -it has only been available once
    -it looks like a polar bear(i love polar bears)
    -the suit covers the whole penguin, it isn’t parted into a head item, feet item, body item

  56. My favorite item on Club Penguin is the rainbow swirly glasses. The reason I really like this item is because it makes any outfit unique and strange at the same time, it’s from 2008 and it sure brings back many memories from the April Fools Party. :)

  57. My favourite clothing item is my Seventh Anniversary Hat! I love it as it is blue, my Mum’s favourite colour, and gold, as gold is for ‘winners’. Seven is my favourite number, so it means a lot to me, plus one day, it will become one of the rarest items around!

    PS. You made a typo in the prize, you said the prize for day one is…… rather than day two

  58. I like the springy santa hat the most, I don’t know why, I just like it. It’s springy-ness gives out its creative silly holiday fashion. Its a fun holiday item to wear, and even if its not Christmas anymore, you can still wear it to express your silly-ness. :)

  59. Hello my name is Skunk and good garment that I like so much are the costumes of The Ultimate Jam 2012 I love seeing the special moves that cause when you place them

  60. My favorite clothing item is simply…hmm, this is hard to decide…but I’ll say the Pumpkin Basket *weird indeed* because I love pumpkins for no apparent reason and it is the ‘perfect’ Halloween item. :3

  61. My fovourite item is the black hoodie, because you can use it with everything and it looks good! i always wear a black hoodie just because i think is cool

  62. Well, my favorite item in Club Penguin is the Beta T-shirt since it was unlocked along with items that I got from a Christmas present that was from my grandparents. I like the item since it kinda express some of rareness, they had to pay real money for it (the toy was like 279 bucks) anyway I love the colours and specially that it has the Beta Hat item in it xD See ya!

  63. I’m (yo) from (soy) Argentina… sorry for my bad English.

    Rtta: “3d glasses .. to see three-dimensional”

    a hug Train… you rock..!! =D

  64. My Favorite items are…
    -The Party Hats!

    Even though some of them are rare, does it matter? Each Year theres a new hat… Each penguin will always love them. Their Unique with their own colors! Different colors each year. I wonder who doesnt like them? :)

  65. My favorite Club Penguin item has to be the MP3000 (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called haha). I am a big fan of Apple products, and this reminds me a lot of the good old iPod. Also, there was lots of buzz around the island when it first came out, and everybody was amazed by iPods on Club Penguin! It is one of the coolest items in Club Penguin to this day.

    Double Mvp

  66. My favorite clothing item is the baseball jersey and baseball glove. I like those items so much because i love baseball in real life and i have had them for a long time on Club Penguin.

  67. My favourite Club Penguin’s item is Purple Suede Jacket(id 241).It was one of the really rare club penguin items untill it showed up on October 2010.I like this item because it makes my penguin all cozy and warm doing the winter days.The item is similar to the Pastel,Red and Green Suede Jacekt.It is my favourite item :)

  68. My most favourite item is the Silly Snowman Sweater. I don’t know what it is about it, but it looks really fuzzy, and cute. Also, on top of that, I am obsessed with Christmas, and as it is a Christmas item, it adds on to being my favourite :)

  69. Hi, my favourite clothing item is the mp3000 as it is very stylish and interactive as you can dance with it and loads of music notes come up which is quite cool!

  70. My favorite item actually my favorite items are clothing secret agent! This is calsa to know the CP, the ASP conhecedo! Why I love clothes agents! It is very nice to have a special uniform!

  71. My favourite clothing item is the Laptop. Because whenever I go to a college igloo, iit looks likeI’m workin’ in class! :3

  72. My favorite item is probably the beta hat. I like it because it was the first item ever on Club Penguin (besides colors) and it looks awesome, especially because of the yellow and pink colors. Also, it’s the rarest item, so if you see a penguin with a beta hat, it’s not just any penguin with a beta hat…it’s a rare beta tester. Finding a beta tester is almost like finding a 4-leaf-clover…almost.

  73. My favorite clothing item would be umm…

    Head item would be: Brown Skater CP Cap, 3rd Year Anniversary Party Hat and the Blue Baseball Cap

    Eye item would be: 3D Glasses, Blue Sunglasses and black Sunglasses

    Neck item: VIP Backstage Pass 2008

    Body item: Blue Hoodie and Red Suede Jacket

    Hand item: White MP3000 or Flare the puffle

    Feet item: Blue Sneakers

    And why I like it so much? Well because they fit perfectly in many of my clothing and clothes, also that it makes me in some way “cool” and some of these are rare and unique items

  74. I have many favorites but if I had to pick one, it would be the color Lime. Wait, is that a clothing item?

    Good luck to everyone who enters! :)
    My e-mail: [removed – thanks!]

    Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

  75. My favourite clothing item is my Black Checkered Shoes, ’cause they match almost all of my outfits: I only need that pair of shoes! I should really adopt a black puffle to go with them…

  76. My favorite item on Club Penguin would most likely be The Claus. Although the old items would be really cool to show off and the new items look very fashionable, I really like this Santa Hat because it shows a part of me that enjoys the holidays. I have the original Club Penguin Santa Hat on my penguin, but I enjoy the new version of it because it looks fashionable and newer! I like to wear The Claus throughout the year because I’m ALWAYS in the Christmas Spirit :-)

    The Claus on Club Penguin Wiki:

  77. My favourite clothing item is the CFC (Coins For Change) cap because it has an Earth picture on it and it suits nearly every clothing item.

  78. My favorite clothing item on club penguin is the music jam t-shirt because it was the first item I ever got in CP. i also like it because it has the OLD music jam logo, with the jar of jam, which i like better than the new one.

  79. Hey Train! My favorite clothing item is the Design Your Own TShirts from early 2010. They allow each pengin to be creative and have a say in the pattern on the shirt, with the same technical build. ~Luv Flippyflop65!

  80. I really like the Red Propeller Cap because it was one of my 1st free items, it has a special dance and it is a bit rare. And it matches with everything! :)

  81. My favorite clothing item would have to be the Penguin Band Jacket. I like it because it was one of my very first body items and it brings back some awesome memories! It’s also pretty cool looking! Email: [removed – thanks!]

  82. Am I too late? My favourite outfit would have to be the different coloured ipods because I love it when your penguin dances and a little music icon shows above your head :) It’s like real life LOL

  83. Hi Trainman! My name is Miki5258. My favourite item in Club Penguin is Blue Bunny Costume! I like it because I unlocked it from Treasure Book this February from code I got in CP Magazine. I like to wear it during Easter Egg Hunt and during Holiday Parties because I feel I am Easter rabbit and during Holiday Parties I feel like I am Santa’s helper and I like to feel happy about giving other penguins Holiday Presents!
    and here is my e-mail: [removed – thanks!]

  84. The black and white custom sweater. It looks cool and my favorite colors. (Not sure if you got my other comment so I made this)

  85. my favorite clothing item is layered lavender dress (i don’t know name) and i like it because my favorite color is purple and i like dresses and it is really sparkly!!

  86. My favorite item on Club Penguin is probably the Black Sunglasses. They’re cool shades that cover my eye from the sun, and keep me lookin’ cool. :3
    -Hermey1- :)

  87. My favorite clothing item on Club Penguin is the blue sunglasses, I like the blue sunglasses because blue’s my favorite color and it looks awesome on the player card and the avatar. It is also my favorite because I have a pair of glasses that look exactly the same! (Unfortunately I gave it away D:)

  88. The Red Propeller because is the first item I got from a party (April Fools Party) and becuase my favorite Cp mascot is Rookie and he wears it too ;)

  89. My favorite item is the blue lei, was one of the first items I won in Club Penguin, and has been distributed in an incredible party, he makes a super cool dance.

  90. My favrite clothing Card-Jistu one is the “Blue one” in the treasure chest (October 2012). thats my fav! Waddle On!

  91. My favourite CP clothing item is: The Newspaper Hat! :) It was my first item I ever bought with a membership back in 2007! :D It is kinda sentimental. Hope you like it!

  92. My favorite item is probably my red styling jacket(I think is what it’s cald) just for some reason I really like it and think its cool it also looks good on my penguin unlike some other things. Anyway I also got some codes as a gift and the jacket is from the treasure book so it just means a little more,but I love many more as a favorite too.

  93. my favourite clothing item is the anti lava shoes because shoes are rare for none members and it is nice for club penguin to give none members some shoes. thats why i like them

  94. My favorite clothing item is probably the green hoodie. I have no idea why, but I have been wearing nothing but the hoodie for years. The only times I wore something else was when I switched to ninja clothes to battle players, when I wore the Blackout gear, and the times I wore a yellow hoodie.

    Waddle on!

  95. My favorite item is the chef hat.The reason:I just love the special move it makes and I can have a “job” at the pizza parlor with it!It is a fun item!

  96. Hey Train! Okay i am using the account i want. Dont count the LLAMASARECOOL!!! account. Anyway, send to this email. My favorite item is the blue sneakers. It shows my favorite color and i like the way it looks on my guy. It is my loved item and i have wanted it foreva! I finally have it!

  97. My favorite item is the Red sun glasses because most people don’t have the red sunglasses and the red stands out and I think it looks really cool! Also because it was one of the first items I got on my penguin account!

  98. My favorite Club Penguin item ever is the HULK BODYSUIT. I just love Marvel and the Avengers, so this outfit is perfect for some HULK SMASHING FUN!

  99. My favorite item is the Blue Crosshatch hoodie.1st the color scheme is beautiful and I love.2 since cp makes a lot of items in blue it’s easy to make an outfit that I like.3 it’s fashionable and looks cool.4if I could only 1 body item it would be this one.

  100. There are many great clothing items, so it’s hard to choose. The Gold Bell is one of my favorites, because I love the sound it makes.

  101. my favourite clothing item is the propeller cap because it has been released in lots of colours and has a really cool action which allows you to fly. Also I like because it is usually free. That is my favourite clothing item.

  102. My favourite (yes I am Canadian) item would probably be the Jet Pack because I just got it today with a 3-Month Membership. I joined Club Penguin just after the August Flying Party which was where the Jet Pack was available.

  103. While I have lots of favorite items, one of them is my orange star sunglasses. I like them very much because I unlocked them and they are exclusive, they look cool, and I wear them when I don’t have other face items that match my outfit or I don’t want to wear other things, because this one matches with almost every outfit!

  104. My Favorite Clothing Item Has To Be The Black Hoodie Because It Makes You Look Good And Its Pretty Funny With The Black Toque It Makes You Look Like A Robber. My Email [removed – thanks!] I hope I Win

  105. I like the Anti Lava Boots the most for it fits my outfit. There is also a Dubstep t-shirt too which I wear and like most.

  106. Hello trainman my favorite item is the pizza chef’s apron and hat because I can make the pizza and serve it all penguins and some penguins give me tip :)

  107. My favorite clothes item is the fire striker, because it lets out true hair color, and at school I’m harassed and called a soulless ginger, and evil! At Club Penguin, I have tons of friends, and everybody loves hair!

  108. The Trendy Shirt, from the Series 9 Treasure Book as it’s really trendy (hence the name) and its the first item i got from unlock items online!

  109. My favorite clothing item would Bethesda blue lei cause when you have nothing on exept that then you will hula dance!:)^KF from twitter Kate

  110. My favorite clothing item would Be the blue lei cause when you have nothing on exept that then you will hula dance!:)^KF from twitter Kate

  111. my favorite clothing item on Club Penguin is the Christmas Scarf, because it was the first item I ever got at my first ever party :3 Christmas is also my favorite holiday which works out nicely!

  112. My favorite clothing item on Club penguin is the ghost costume I like it because its something I always where on my account and because its looks a cool on me.

  113. My favourite item is the Party Hat because the item have cool colors (yellow and pink) and its the most wanted and rare item in Club Penguin!

    My email addres its: [removed for privacy] (don´t spam it)
    See ya!

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