Club Penguin Blog Featured Igloos: December 10

Chattabox from the Club Penguin Team has posted three new featured igloos on the Club Penguin Blog.

The three for this week are:

Mbtink1 said: “Those are pretty cool, but my friend’s igloo is even better! Her name is 100tigger and her igloo is the winteryest, bestest igloo ever!!”

Lollydolly23 said: “There’s an igloo owned by Grumpy 99. He has a festive holiday igloo, hope it will be a help. Xxx Waddle On!”

Carl50696 said: “You should look at Huskypup9’s igloo. She has a bunch of igloos an she keeps on changing them and look at her beach igloo because it’s the coolest of them all.”

This time around the Club Penguin Team wants to see your Coins For Change decorated igloos!

The following page has been updated:

4 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Featured Igloos: December 10

  1. FAIL!

    The dude who commented that Huskpup9’s Igloo was cool was said that it was a BEACH IGLOO, and Chattabox was looking for CHRISTMAS or HOLIDAY or FESTIVE Igloos, Epic Fail…

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