Access The Top of the Bakery Cheat

Just like the cheat to access Operation Blackout chapters early, you can access the top of the Bakery by clicking somewhere!

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 7.28.24 PM

When you’re waddling towards the door on the right, click right under the window with the treats on the left. It may take several tries but if you do it correctly, you’ll wind up in the special top part of the Bakery!


Thanks Ramone14!

42 thoughts on “Access The Top of the Bakery Cheat

  1. I Have another cheat you must wear the clood wavers and go into the backery and buy a cookie the second after you press transform, you must quickly press W a few times and then you are invisible when you walk around the backery

  2. Will you get banned for using this? Becuz some people at Operation Blackout got banned for using the control pannel thing with the frozen mascots. They got banned for 24 or 72 hours!

  3. Im coming to clubpenguin to destroy herbert an all penguins IM COMING ON JANUARY WHEN THE DINO PARTY STARTS PS IM STRONGER THAN HERBERT

  4. Hi but i tried ur cheat and it didnt work
    In the picture u click the place where u click but it didnt work ?
    Please help

  5. Trainman. Someone asked if that was a place that the mascots go, the answer is YES!!! I’m shocked you didn’t ROCKHOPPER GOES THERE!!!!!!

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