The Sky Is Falling On Club Penguin! (Oh wait, that’s just snow)

In addition to the third chapter of Operation Blackout being released (see this post for a guide) there is more snow in many of the outdoor rooms on Club Penguin! Take a peek at one of the rooms, the Snow Forts:

In addition, Dot has been captured! Oh no! Soon Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, and finally the Director will wind up being captured too!

The full list of updated rooms with snow includes:

  • Town
  • Snow Forts
  • Plaza
  • Forest
  • Cove
  • Mine Shack
  • Dojo Courtyard
  • Dock
  • Fire Dojo
  • Lighthouse Beacon
  • Mountain
  • Ski Village
  • Ninja Hideout
  • Beach
  • Stadium
  • Iceberg

The underground EPF base now lists Dot as being captured too.

Thanks to the tons of you who told me!

The following pages have been updated:

65 thoughts on “The Sky Is Falling On Club Penguin! (Oh wait, that’s just snow)

  1. did you know turndra was sleet conbind cuz when you click the arrow theres people speaking that says undifinded and when people go to the dock on sleet you see them at tundra but that dosent work anymore so sleet and tundra were the same

  2. Train, theres a new code! Its “[removed]” and it unlocks that gray pirate costume that you posted about a while ago. I think its to go along with the eyepatch and the hat!

  3. TRAINMAN! O: At the dojo, the ninja hideout path way door the signs are now buttons. Just click Fire- Takes you to the fire dojo. Water- Water dojo

  4. Why my comment didn’t appear and newer ones appear? Anyways, I got a question about the tracking team, will you show us how to update the tracker and stuff like that? Or should we had known already?

  5. Did anybody also notice that last week the Ski Lodge lights weren’t on but now they are? :) (from looking at the Ski Lodge from the Ski Village)

  6. I had to look very, very closely to what changed at the Stadium. But, then I noticed…there was snow on top of the Fish Dog stand. :)

  7. Train I was wondering maybe we can do a fun razer for my penguin tell everyone to email cp and tell them to un ban my penguin cuz i got banned for so maybe tell them Boby49109 fun razer my password is [removed] its banned so or maybe someone could un ban it but if you cant do it i understand and if you dont do it ill just find soem other place but if you dont do it at least tell cp and then tell cp to un ban boby49109 and tell them my pssword then tell this is the begeinging of boby49109 please do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Guys! Oarca Sunday at 2:00 PM PST and 5:00 US EST! It will be on the server Hibernate and will start at the paradise room of Herbert’s lair! And by the way, I don’t want to annoy Train with all this party stuff so for the latest party news, please go to my channel TheOarca. Thanks! :D

  9. Reasons why Aunt Arctic can’t be the director

    (1. Aunt Arctic has a hat!

    (2. Aunt Arctic does not have a coat or tie

    (3. Aunt Arctic does not have sunglasses

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